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'Defector testimonies' reveal acute horror of Korean notorious concentration camps

May 31, 2012 - Seoul

A new research based on testimonies of defectors and satellite imagery reveals the high level of desperation and horror inside the North Korea's prison camps.

The report conducted by two researches in the U. S. and South Korea revealed more than 200,000 people sentenced to live and work in grueling conditions, many until they die.

According to the Wall street journal, the satellite intel indicated that the population of this gulag-like system to grow.

After the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in December, his son and heir to power, Kim Jong Eun, ordered that imprisonment for someone caught illegally leaving the country would also be extended to the person's older and younger relatives.he research was according to testimonies from a growing population of North Korean defectors, including former prisoners, who are largely impossible to corroborate and many defectors aren't named, in some cases out of concerns over possible retribution against family members.

The research revealed an image of North Korea's six giant kwan-li-so, or "total control camps," where people are sent, often without trial, for offenses including defacing a picture of one of North Korea's leaders, attending a church service or leaving the country without permission.

However, North Korea's government has for years officially denied the existence of the prison camps. Earlier this week, its state news agency lashed out at State Department criticism about its human-rights record, saying that Washington relies on "rumors concocted by a handful of traitors and criminals to earn living expenses after running away from their country and families."


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