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International News on December 26, 2012

Toshiba Launches Highly Sensitive 20MP BSI CMOS Image Sensor
Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced that it will launch a new 20-megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor, the TCM5115CL, as the latest addition to its sensor line-up for digital still cameras. TCM5115CL offers the industry's highest resolution in the 1/2 Business Wire India

Sanyang Industry (TPE:2206) Announces December 2012 Shareholder Meeting Results
Sanyang Industry Co. Ltd. (TPE:2206) announced today the successful convening of its second regular shareholders’ meeting of 2012. Majority shareholder approval was achieved for two key agenda items: recognition of 2011 audited financial results and distribution of 2011 earnings. Business Wire India

Structural Quality Assurance: 10,000 Pillars to Be Completed Using Durable and Earthquake Resistant SRF!
Structural Quality Assurance, Inc Business Wire India

Toshiba Launches New Bus Switch ICs Supporting PCI Express 3.0 (8Gbps)
Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) has announced that it will launch two-lane SPDT switches that support PCI Express 3.0 (8Gbps). The new products, TC7PCI3412MT and TC7PCI3415MT, reduce switch terminal capacitance to achieve high bandwidth characteristics of 10GHz at -3dB, making high-speed transmission with lower signal degradation capable. Business Wire India

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