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Chinese authorities destroy drug manufacturing materials

June 26, 2012 - Beijing

Authorities in southwest China's Yunnan province on Tuesday destroyed more than 55 tonnes of confiscated precursor chemicals used to produce heroin and methamphetamine, or "ice."

The chemicals are being processed by a hazardous waste disposal center in the provincial capital of Kunming. The disposal process will take about two days, police said.

Yunnan, which borders the notorious "Golden Triangle" of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, is at the forefront of China's anti-drug efforts. Police detained 167 suspects in drug-related crimes and seized 528 tonnes of precursor chemicals in the province last year.

Chen Xinmin, an official from the Yunnan provincial anti-narcotics office, said border towns have become a key channel for smuggling drugs into and out of the province, adding that there are many underground narcotic manufacturing workshops just outside the border.

In the past, authorities in Yunnan were more concerned about intercepting the inflow of manufactured drugs, particularly from the Golden Triangle.

"Since six years ago, we have seen cases of smuggling drug-related chemicals increase annually. The amount smuggled grows bigger and bigger, " said Chai Jinhua, an anti-narcotics official in the border town of Pu'er.

Authorities have confiscated more than 400 tonnes of precursor chemicals in Yunnan in the first five months of this year, police said.

Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu on Tuesday said the "Golden Triangle" remains the most harmful source for drugs in China.

Police seized 5.1 tonnes of heroin and 7.9 tonnes of methamphetamine produced in and smuggled from the Golden Triangle last year, accounting for 72 percent and 55 percent of total nationwide seizures of heroin and methamphetamine, respectively, Meng said in a report delivered to the National Congress to mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which falls on June 26 this year. (Xinhua-ANI)


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