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Carla Bruni says she puts on wig to travel in Paris Metro

April 6, 2012 - London

Carla Bruni has revealed that she often disguises herself in order to travel unrecognised.

The French First Lady admitted to occasionally wearing a wig so that she can use the Metro in Paris without being spotted.

Speaking to a French political publication, the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy also compared herself to Lady Gaga while discussing her image within the media.

In one of her more bizarre interviews as she tried to boost Sarkozy's re-election hopes, Bruni, 44, said that she is often in disguise "literally as well as figuratively."

The model was asked if she considered being the First Lady a difficult job.

"Not really. I've been, since the age of 20, well separated from my public image," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"It's greatly helped me that I've been a model and then a singer. If I hadn't had the experience of media exposure, that would have been harder.

"Notoriety does not weight heavily on me, and then I disguise myself literally as well as figuratively.

"With a wig, nobody recognises me on the Metro. Recently, my bag was still searched on a visit to the Marine Museum," she added.

She went on to discuss her apparent transformation into a loyal political wife along the lines of the late French First Lady, Claude Pompidou.

But she added that with her media profile, she has a very different public image.

"I loved Mrs Pompidou and I do not see that it is ridiculous to devote yourself to good works.

"Other than that, next to Mrs Pompidou, with my experience with the media, I am Lady Gaga!" she said.


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