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Call for Oz Parliamentary Speaker's resignation following sexual harassment charges

April 21, 2012 - Canberra

Australian parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper has been asked to step aside by the opposition until the case alleging sexual harassment against him was before the court.

Slipper has denied the charges of sexually harassing a young male staff and misusing taxpayer-funded cab charges through Twitter

The claims against Slipper allege that he recruited 33-year-old James Ashby for the sole purpose of having a sexual relationship with him, reports.

The application filed with the Federal Court mentions that Slipper allegedly sent Ashby a series of explicit text messages making his sexual intentions clear.

Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott said that the Speaker's role was to uphold the integrity of parliament and Slipper should step aside while the allegations were heard in court.

The Australian police have said that they were also aware about the new allegations that Slipper misused taxpayer-funded cab charges.

A spokeswoman said that the AAP police was looking into the matter.


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