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CARTES 2012 Shines a Spotlight on Issues Which Will Shape the Interconnected Commerce and Mobile Payments of Tomorrow

June 26, 2012 - Paris, France

CARTES, the leading smart technology trade show, revealed the market's issues, challenges and views at a round table, on 12 June, dedicated to "interconnected commerce and the new payment landscape (electronic, mobile, physical)". The discussions between professionals (Auchan Group, BNP-Paribas, Buyster, Oberthur and Paypal France) facilitated forward-thinking and forward-planning around payment methods.

CARTES Press conference 12 June 2012 (Photo: Business Wire)

CARTES Press conference 12 June 2012 (Photo: Business Wire)

CARTES: Not just a trade show, but the world-leading event in smart technology

At the heart of smart technology issues for 27 years, CARTES is a meeting place which encourages discussions between professionals on the sector's headline topics.

This year, the trade show topic focuses on security and mobile payments. Banks, telecommunication operators and distributors will therefore come together from 6-8 November 2012, at Paris Nord Villepinte, to discover the latest innovations in payment and security technology.

Presenting market research on the new payment landscape

As a prelude to the round table, Angelo Caci, Co-Managing Director at ADN'Co, presented the results of market research which focussed on the new payment landscape. In drawing up the market report, five main trends emerged:

  • The multiplication and diversification of payment methods, springing from consumers' passion for new technology and the emergence of new uses;
  • The traditional bank card economic model being called into question, forcing the market to restructure itself for greater transparency and increased legislation;
  • Consumers taking power: better informed and profiting from a wider range of offers, consumers now have choice and have become players;
  • The emergence of new expectations and new ways to buy, blurring the line between 'online' and 'offline' and leading to the emergence of complementary purchasing services;
  • An ever-increasing expectation of security and confidence, leading to all market players needing to improve the security of new payment methods.

Summary of the round-table: “Interconnected commerce and the new payment landscape”


Arnaud Crouzet, Electronic Banking Director, Auchan group,

Eric Gontier, General Manager, Buyster,

Nicolas Raffin, Head of Product Marketing for Payment & Transport, Oberthur Technologies,

Gimena Diaz, Sales Director, Paypal France,

Pierre Lahbabi, Head of Strategy, Innovation and group platforms / Cards, BNP Paribas ,

Angelo Caci, ADN’Co Director as a moderator.

A market undergoing a radical transformation

For a long time, the payment market was structured around traditional banking players. But the change in consumer purchasing behaviour has lead to a proliferation of payment methods, the emergence of new players and the current boom of interconnected commerce. A new market is taking shape, but many uncertainties remain.

Bank cards still have a future

The payment chain has been digitalised, like photos and music, encouraging the emergence of new players in the payment market. However, Pierre Lahbabi, Card and Innovation Strategy Manager at BNP Paribas, considers that bank cards continue to offer security, availability and service quality at the best price. Cards enjoy high levels of ownership in France and payment methods based on chip cards, remains highly developed. Furthermore, its interoperability is its strength. "You can pay anywhere with a card," reiterates Pierre Lahbabi. Banks will definitely have to integrate the payment into a certain number of services in order to break into the market. But, as Angelo Caci said, "cards still have a good future ahead of them!"

New payment methods: a response to new consumer behaviours?

We have seen, from among the biggest changes in use, a strong growth in mobile payment transactions and a progressive blurring of the line between 'online' and 'offline'. Today, consumers use their smartphones to search, compare, analyse and buy. Between 10 and 15% of internet traffic already comes from mobiles, and Gimena Diaz, Paypal France's Commercial Manager, adds that by the end of the year they hope to have reached seven billion mobile transactions (against 400,000 three years ago). Still, "consumers want user-friendliness which is adapted to their way of life and they demand maximum security," declares Eric Gontier, CEO at Buyster. Simplicity and security already constitute two key factors that determine the support of users for new payment methods.

Retailers still cautious

New payment methods encounter some integration issues with business owners. Arnaud Crouzet, E-Banking Development Manager for the Auchan Group, confirms: "We are currently in a transitional period where everything is being created simultaneously. It is hard for businesses to know which solutions to invest in to best meet consumer expectation and what guarantees there are." Businesses do not always have the answers; however they feel they need to be able to accept all payment methods. Universal payment methods are, in the end, the inevitable response so customers can use their payment methods anywhere, any time and in any situation.

"New payment methods and traditional ones are certainly encouraged to coexist. But the choice will come down to customers and businesses," concludes Isabelle Alfano, CARTES Events Manager.

Isabelle Alfano, CARTES Trade Show Manager, is available to answer all your questions regarding mobile payment and interconnected commerce, as well as all the issues and opportunities associated with these markets.

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About CARTES 2012:
The CARTES 2012 show, taking place from 6 to 8 November at the Parc des Expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte, is the world's leading event in smart technologies for security, payment, identification and mobility. With 143 countries represented, 450 exhibitors and 140 conferences with international experts, CARTES 2012 is an essential trade show for all the players in this highly dynamic market. This year, for its 27th edition, CARTES 2012 is putting the spotlight on India.

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