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Brit MP Ed Miliband admits resemblance to Plasticine film star Wallace

June 8, 2012 - London

British MP Ed Miliband has admitted that he does look like a character from 'Wallace 'n' Gromit'.

After being the butt of Tory jokes for his unfortunate resemblance to the Plasticine cartoon star, the Labour leader on Thursday acknowledged that he does have more than a passing resemblance.

Miliband also said how spin-doctors would not have chosen his looks if designing the ideal politician.

In a speech in London on Scottish independence and restoring pride in being English, Miliband, 42, spoke of his roots, his image and beliefs.

"This is who I am. The son of a Jewish refugee and Marxist academic. A Leeds supporter from north London. A baseball fan," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

"Somebody who looks a bit like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. If spin doctors could design a politician, I suspect he wouldn't look like me," he said.

David Cameron has tauntEd Miliband by comparing him to Wallace, and in the Budget George Osborne, the Chancellor, also poked fun at him when announcing a new type of tax relief for the UK film industry.

"It is the determined policy of this government to keep Wallace and Gromit exactly where they are," he added.


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