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International News on April 21, 2012

American girl without hands wins award for 'exceptional handwriting'
A first-grader girl from Pennsylvania who doesn't have hands has won a penmanship competition. ANI

Queen Victoria's secret crush on Indian servant revealed
Queen Victoria's love for her Muslim servant had almost threatened to disrupt her Jubilee celebrations after her Royal Household refused to condone her shockingly intimate friendship with an Indian servant any longer. ANI

Secret Service agent got what he deserved, says Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin fired the Secret Service bodyguard after he revealed on his Facebook page that he was "really checking her out." ANI

Ten men, woman publicly caned in Indonesia for 'immorality' under Islamic law
Ten men and a woman have been publicly caned for gambling and indulging in immoral behavior under the Islamic law that is followed in the conservative Aceh province of Indonesia, according to the authorities. ANI

Iraqi PM warns Turkey of becoming 'hostile state'
Baghdad, April 21 (Xinhua-ANI) -- Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki warned Turkey of becoming a "hostile state" if continue sectarian interference into Iraq's internal affairs, Maliki's office said on Saturday. ANI

'Terrorists' blast oil pipeline in eastern Syria
An "armed terrorist group" blasted an oil pipeline on Saturday in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, triggering off a fire at the explosion point, state- run SANA news agency reported. ANI

Syria sets free 30 prisoners with no homicide records
The Syrian authorities have set free 30 prisoners who had got involved in the recent events in Syria "and whose hands were not smeared with the blood of Syrians, " state-run SANA news agency reported Saturday. ANI

Oz man wins court battle against KFC after food poisoning left daughter paralysed
An Australian man, who claimed his daughter was left severely brain damaged after eating snacks from a Kentucky fried Chicken (KFC) outlet, has won a court battle against the fast-food chain. ANI

Ex Secret Service agent stares at Sarah Palin in Facebook photo
A veteran Secret Service agent who was forced to retire amid the Colombian hooker scandal has posted a provocative photo of himself staring at Sarah Palin on his Facebook page. ANI

Iraq's al-Qaida claims responsibility for Thursday deadly attacks
Al-Qaida militant group in Iraq on Saturday claimed responsibility for a series of deadly bomb and gunfire attacks across Iraq on Thursday which killed up to 43 people and wounded some 155. ANI

UN observers arrive in rebellious Homs in central Syria
The advance team of UN observers tasked by the UN Security Council to monitor the implementation of a full cessation of armed violence in Syria, visited the central province of Homs on Saturday, state-run SANA news agency reported. ANI

Obama ahead of Romney in swing states Florida, Ohio, finds poll
U.S. President Barack Obama has a substantial edge over presidential contender Mitt Romney in the presidential race in the states of Ohio and Florida, according to a poll. ANI

Now, Nike's new 'RSVP system' to allow people to reserve products using Twitter
Nike has unveiled a Twitter reservation system, ramping up efforts to reduce the chaos at its outlets during product launches. ANI

India calls for genuine political reconciliation in Sri Lanka
A visiting delegation of Indian legislators said on Saturday that they had urged Sri Lanka to go for genuine political reconciliation. ANI

Number of Americans believing 'things going well in country' on rise: Poll
The number of people in the US who believe things are going well in the country is rising, according to poll. ANI

Gilani calls for sweeping jail reforms to hasten disposal of prisoners' cases
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has directed the law and justice ministry to prepare recommendations for the release of prisoners, who are languishing in various jails for years due to the police's failure to present solid evidence against them. ANI

Plane getting out of control, Bhoja aircraft Captain told control tower before deadly crash
The captain of the ill-fated Bhoja aircraft, that crashed in Islamabad on April 20, had informed the control tower that the plane was getting out of his control before the tragedy occurred, a preliminary report has said. ANI

Oz man awarded $10 mln after KFC food poisoning left daughter paralysed
An Australian man, who claimed his daughter was left severely brain damaged after eating snacks from a Kentucky fried Chicken (KFC) outlet, has won a court battle against the fast-food chain and received 10 million dollars in compensation. ANI

Australian women soldiers serving at frontline live under fear of torture and rape
Australian service women serving at the borders live under constant fear of being raped or tortured if captured, according to a study. ANI

Journalists falsely accused of links with Taliban following Pentagon propaganda story
Fake websites and Facebook accounts of two USA Today journalists, Tom Vanden Brook and Ray Locker, have been set up accusing them of being backed by the Taliban. ANI

Hackers attack UK abortion site in backlash against arrest of an anti-abortion campaigner
A group of hackers have reportedly targeted Britain's biggest abortion provider after an anti-abortion campaigner was jailed for breaking into the charity's site. ANI

Americans have more confidence in Obama than Romney on economy: Survey
Americans have more confidence in President Barack Obama than his top Republican challenger Mitt Romney to do or to recommend the right thing for the country's economy, according to a Gallup survey released on Friday. ANI

'Your leaders are afraid of you, Imran Khan tells voters
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan exhorted Quetta residents at a rally by saying that the leaders of the country are afraid of the very people who have elected them. ANI

UN calls for urgent scale-up humanitarian response in Syria
A call to scale up the humanitarian response in Syria was made on Friday at the end of a humanitarian forum held in Geneva, which included UN officials, regional organizations, international, and non-governmental organizations, a UN spokesman said here. ANI

Cleopatra and Antony's twin babies rediscovered in Cairo
An Italian Egyptologist has rediscovered a sculpture of Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene, the offspring of Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII, at the Egyptian museum in Cairo. ANI

U.S. threatens more pressure on Syria if Annan plan fails
The United States on Friday threatened that it will increase pressure on the Syrian government if it fails to live up to all its obligations under the six-point peace plan put forward by UN-Arab League joint envoy Kofi Annan. ANI

Pak bans Bhoja airline chief from leaving country after deadly crash
Pakistan has placed an airline head on the Exit Control List (ECL) in the wake of a probe into the Bhoja aircrash. ANI

6.8-magnitude quake hits West Papua, Indonesia
Jakarta, April 21 (Xinhua-ANI)): An earthquake measuring 6.8 Richter scale jolted West Papua in eastern parts of Indonesia earlier Saturday, but there was no potential of tsunami, the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency reported here. ANI

Berlusconi 'doesn't regret hosting bunga bunga parties and would do it again'
Unlike most politicians, who try to appear contrite after losing office due to a sex scandal, Silvio Berlusconi said of his infamous 'bunga bunga' parties on Friday that he "would host them again". ANI

Chinese Supreme court spares one of country's richest women death penalty
A Chinese highest order court spared the life of a 30 yr-old millionaire, who was once tagged as one of China's richest women, which resulted in the outpouring of online protests but also drew sympathy from Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao. ANI

GOP US Senate hopeful likens smoking ban to 'Nazi's persecution of Jews'
West Virginia Republican Senate candidate, John Raese, has compared a local ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and hotels with the Nazis' persecution of the Jews. ANI

Flirting men don't fancy you they're just 'bored at work'
Men who flirt with their female colleagues do so because they are bored of their job and are lacking in sensitivity, a new study has claimed. ANI

Pak Taliban conducted Bannu jailbreak operation to free Musharaf's murder attempt suspect
The Pakistan Taliban has said that they conducted the Bannu jailbreak operation to free Adnan Rasheed, the alleged mastermind of the assassination attempt on former president General Pervez Musharraf. ANI

Study claims only 36 percent Twitter posts are worth reading
Only 36 percent of posts on micro blogging website Twitter are worth reading, a new study has claimed. ANI

Only 48 percent of Pak citizens have access to safe sanitation: WHO
Only 48 percent of population has access to safe sanitation in Pakistan, making it one of the of 57 countries currently most off-track to meet its sanitation Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target to halve the proportion of people without access to adequate sanitation, a UN agency report has said. ANI

Three more Secret Service agents sacked over Obama-trip Colombian hooker scandal
The U.S. Secret Service has sacked three more agents in connection with the Colombian prostitution scandal. ANI

Anonymous creates new online portal to 'combat censorship'
Notorious Internet hacking group Anonymous has created an online portal that would allow people to post uncensored documents without compromising their identities. ANI

Pak, India, Afghanistan 'agree' to TAPI gas transit fee
Pakistan Petroleum Minister Dr Asim Hussain has said that India, Afghanistan and his country have decided to set 49.5cents as the transit fee for the 7.6 billion dollar Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project. ANI

Al-Qaeda linked terror group threatens to attack UK if hate cleric Abu Qatada is deported
An Al-Qaeda linked Islamist terror group has threatened to launch a wave of attacks against Britain if it deports radical cleric Abu Qatada. ANI

UK Muslim men 'laughed' while being jailed for raping two girls as part of Eid celebrations
A group of Muslim men in Britain, who abducted and raped two teenage girls as part of their Eid celebrations laughed in court as they were sentenced to 38 years in prison. ANI

'Defiant' JuD backed DPC openly protests against re-opening NATO supply routes
The Jamaat-ud- Dawa backed Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) has once again openly staged a protest demonstration outside the press club against the re-opening of NATO supply routes. ANI

'Polygamous' Jacob Zuma marries sixth wife Bongi Ngema
South African President Jacob Zuma has married for the sixth time on Friday, taking his long-time girlfriend Bongi Ngema as his newest bride and fourth current wife. ANI

Chinese authorities began quick 'murder cover up' following death of British businessman Heywood
Following the murder of UK businessman, Neil Heywood, in Chongqing last November in the Bo Xilai scandal, Chinese authorities reportedly began an elaborate cover-up soon after the incident. ANI

Call for Oz Parliamentary Speaker's resignation following sexual harassment charges
Australian parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper has been asked to step aside by the opposition until the case alleging sexual harassment against him was before the court. ANI

Army documents reveal 'Afghan military recruits dealing drugs to US soldiers'
Some Afghan forces that are being trained by the US military to take over the mission by 2014 have been found dealing drugs to American soldiers, according to a report. ANI

Zardari hints at opening Sulemanki border, having dialogue with India on all issues
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has hinted at opening the Sulemanki border and added that the country is willing to have dialogue with India on all issues, and is also open to boosting trade ties with the neighbouring country. ANI

Chinese father suspected of beating son and burying him alive over failure to do homework
A father in Yunnan Province of China, was taken into police custody for allegedly beating his son and burying him alive over daily issues. ANI

Romney denies 'dad's dad was a polygamist' accusations
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney reacted to Montana Democratic Governor, Brian Schweitzer's assertion of him avoiding talking about his family history and immigration because "then he'd have to talk about his family coming from a polygamy commune in Mexico." ANI

Zardari rules out unilateral withdrawal of troops from Siachen Glacier
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has said the country was ready for a dialogue with India on all issues, but withdrawal of troops from the Siachen Glacier was possible only if both countries agreed to it. ANI

Two more Tibetan men self-immolate over 'Chinese repression'
Two Tibetan men have reportedly died after they set themselves on fire in protest against China's political and religious repression. ANI

PML-N retracts Sharif's 'unilateral Siachen troops withdrawal' stance
The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has retracted its stance regarding the unilateral withdrawal of troops from the Siachen Glacier and said the party chief Nawaz Sharif had proposed that Pakistan should take the lead in talks on the dispute. ANI

Sri Lankan mosque forced to abandon prayers by Buddhists protesters
A mosque in Sri Lanka was forced to abandon its Friday prayers after a group of Buddhists, including monks, held a demonstration demanding its demolition. ANI

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