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International News on April 1, 2012

Drunk man caught for 'riding lawnmower around car park'
A man was caught for allegedly drunk driving his ride-on lawnmower around the car park of a league club in Australia. ANI

Shaken cocktails lose potency much faster than stirred ones
The shaken not stirred debate about martinis has been made famous by James Bond, but now you can find out whether a shaken cocktail will make get you more drunk than a stirred one. ANI

Pak beauty queen Hasnain may not face trial in US in alleged mortgage scam
Former Mrs. Pakistan Saman Hasnain, who has been charged with scamming dozens of California families, is likely to stay in the United States with her husband, without facing a trial because Pakistan has no extradition treaty with the US. ANI

Most Californians worried about tech firms' data gathering
A majority of people in California, where high-tech firms make the world's most popular smartphones, social networks and search engines, are worried about the data collected by the companies, according to a survey. ANI

70 percent voter turnout reported in first five hours of Myanmar polls
At least 70 percent voting has taken place in the first five hours of elections in Myanmar. A clearer picture on the way the polls have progressed is expected in the next couple of hours. ANI

Pak's Memo Gate commission issued summons to Haqqani, others for Apr 5
The Judicial Commission probing Memogate has issued notices to respondents including former Pakistan envoy to US Husain Haqqani, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF),Yasin Malik, and Director General (USA) Foreign office Ubaidur Rehman, among others to appear before the commission on April 5, 2012. ANI

US should define Pak's clear-cut role in Afghan peace process
The United States should define Pakistan's role in the Afghanistan reconciliation process as the deadline for the withdrawal of NATO troops draws closer, the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) has asserted. ANI

Dozens of protestors detained at 'unsanctioned' anti- Kremlin rally in Moscow
Russian police have reportedly arrested dozens of protestors who gathered for an unsanctioned rally in central Moscow. ANI

Syrian official says 'battle to oust Assad has ended'
The year-long uprising to unseat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power has ended, a government spokesman has said. ANI

China 'reaffirms' commitment to 'properly' resolve South China Sea row with Vietnam
Chinese Vice-Premier Li Keqiang has re-assured that his country is committed to properly resolve the South China Sea issue with Vietnam. ANI

'Walmart of weed' to open few miles away from White House
A company that sells tools to grow cannabis, and is known as the 'Walmart of weed', is opening its latest branch in the US capital, just as Washington's medical marijuana laws come into effect. ANI

14 killed, over 100 injured in Thailand blast
At least 14 people have reportedly been killed and over 100 wounded in a series of deadly explosions in a southern province of Thailand on Saturday. ANI

Menu of Titanic's last meal sold for 76k pounds
A menu of the last meal served to first-class passengers on board the ill-fated Titanic has been sold for 76,000 pounds. ANI

Pakistan President Asif Zardari to visit Ajmer next week
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari will visit Ajmer next week with family members. ANI

Putin targeting 'enemies' with 'Psychotronic guns' that turn people into 'zombies'
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has given green signal to 'psychotronic' guns that can effectively turn people into zombies, describing them as 'entirely new instruments for achieving political and strategic goals'. ANI

Saying 'thank you' may help you handle your insecure boss
Gratitude is an essential tool to navigating the workplace, especially when that workplace is overseen by a belligerent and insecure boss, according to a new study. ANI

Indian man extradited to Sydney over 'intent to murder' charges
A 24-year-old Indian man has reportedly been extradited to the Australian city of Sydney to face allegations that he planned to murder a woman who endured a string of attacks over a two-year period. ANI

'Devastated' UK man demands justice after being 'racially abused' by police
A 21-year-old man, who was arrested during the London riots and described how he was subjected to racial abuse by police officials, has said that he was 'devastated' after the incident and wants 'justice'. ANI

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood reverses no-election pledge by naming presidential candidate
Egypt's powerful political wing Muslim Brotherhood has named its deputy chairman Khairat al-Shatir as its candidate for the presidential elections in May. ANI

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