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Yemeni President Saleh 'out of intensive care' following "successful" surgery

June 9, 2011 - Saana

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been brought out of the intensive care unit after going through a "successful" surgery in Riyadh for his bomb blast wounds.

Saleh was flown to Saudi Arabia for treatment on Saturday after an attack on his palace.

The news led his supporters to the streets "feting the success of the surgery... and his transfer from intensive care to a royal suite, The Telegraph reports.

Meanwhile, the United States has stepped up its attacks on militant suspects in Yemen with armed drones and fighter jets, with reports suggesting that the attacks are designed to take advantage of the growing power vacuum in the country and to keep militants in the south who are linked to Al-Qaeda from expanding their area of operation.

Last week, Abu Ali al-Harithi, a midlevel Al-Qaeda operative, and several other militant suspects in southern Yemen were killed in the US attack. dmiral Michael Mullen, the US military commander, said the conflict in the Arabian Peninsula country was making the terror network more "dangerous".

He also said that Al-Qaeda in Yemen "has grown into a very virulent deadly federated point in the al-Qaeda organisation, and "is incredibly dangerous and made more dangerous in the ongoing chaos."


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