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World population to reach 7 bln, but positive developments should be celebrated: UN

October 27, 2011 - London

A United Nation's report has warned that the global population is expected to reach the seven billion mark by October 31, but also said that improvements such as the rise in life expectancy and the fall in infant mortality should be celebrated.

Although the number brings challenges with it, the report called for a change in focus, as it is not a time of crisis but a moment for action, the BBC reports.

The report, State of World Population 2011, said questions of how large a population the Earth can sustain and how the population grew to such proportions should not be questions for our time.

We should instead be asking what can we do to make our world better, the report said.

The report identified many reasons to celebrate, including increased life expectancy and falling fertility rates.

But it also acknowledged the risk of rapid population growth.

The UN estimates that the world's seven billionth person will be born on the October 31 and said by the end of this century, the world's total population could reach a 10 billion mark.

The report pointed out the rise in average life expectancy, which has increased from 48 years in the 1950s to about 68 now, should be celebrated.

It also noted that children are much less likely to die in infancy thanks to improvements in health care.

The report, however, predicted water shortages need to be addressed now, and better urban planning is needed as cities continue to grow.

It said that over 200 million women still have no access to family planning advice and calls for better reproductive education for young women.


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