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Working women get just 1 hr to themselves after 13.5 hrs of work!

September 28, 2011 - London

A new survey has found that working women are spending on an average 13.5 hours juggling between work and home that they get just one hour a day to themselves.

Laundry specialists Dr Beckmann found that on average they hold down a full-time job for eight hours a day.

Almost half of them (44 percent) admit they do five-and-a-half hours of housework, including cooking dinner, ironing and making packed lunches for the family.

It is only at 10.30pm that they sit down.

Just over half - 50.8 per cent - said they felt more pressurised at home than at work.

Six out of 10 said keeping the house clean and tidy while juggling a full or part-time job is "difficult" or "very difficult".

Almost seven out of 10 - 68 percent - said they do all the housework without the help of their partner.

"Our findings suggest today's female generation are cracking under the pressure of their combined work and home lives, and not asking for help with their household tasks, despite working the equivalent of a 13.5-hour day," The Daily Express quoted Dr Beckmann's Susan Fermor as saying.


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