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What differentiates 'sugar daddying' from prostitution

June 24, 2011 - Washington

For girls who cannot afford to have branded handbags, luxury vacations, exotic dinners and expensive cars, an easy way out seems turning to sugar daddies for all this, in return for sex.

However, whether these women qualify to be called 'sugar mommas' or are just prostitutes, remains to be clarified.

California-based District Attorney Robin Sax says it is commonplace in Hollywood for young women to be compensated by wealthy older guys with spa treatments, exotic vacations, clothes, jewelry, and even expensive cars.

"Girls are just another thing for Hollywood folks to entertain with - champagne, a meal and a girl. The really rich and successful Hollywood men can basically get anything they want," the Fox News quoted Sax as saying.

There are numerous websites that connect the sugar daddies with sugar mommas. One such is, which is marketed as an online dating site boasting over two million members.

The site has a disclaimer that prohibits members from offering money in exchange for sex, saying any such violations will result in the cancellation of membership and banning from the site.

Noel Biderman, CEO of Avid Life Media who runs a similar Sugar Daddy dating site called explained that there is a very important distinction.

"Prostitution is about sex for money and women who rely on these interactions to support themselves - this is their profession," he said.

"Sugar daddy relationships are real women who are interested in being with men who are willing to spend their disposable income on the lifestyle - clothes, jewelry, trips, dining - that match up with their desires," Biderman added.

However, people with another school of thought disagree, saying that sugar mommas are just prostitutes by another name.


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