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Walter Mondale's daughter kept secret diary about her affair with Bill Clinton

September 22, 2011 - London

Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of former US vice president Walter Mondale who died of Brain cancer last week, is said to have kept a secret diary about her alleged affair with Bill Clinton.

According to the National Enquirer, the diary apparently describes every intimate detail of the relationship.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is reportedly terrified that its release could seriously derail her career.

"Just as Hillary has managed to put Bill in the background and make a mark as secretary of state, his shenanigans may soon surface again," the Daily Mail quoted a source as telling the paper.

"If she's forced to answer questions about her husband's wild sex life while she's campaigning, it will be a devastating distraction.

"Hillary is furious that Bill's sex addiction is once again getting in the way of her political ambitions," the source stated.

The glamorous entertainment reporter and radio show host, whose father served as Vice President during the administration of Jimmy Carter, was linked to the then President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.


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