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Virginia Police rules out security threat after December 8 shootout

December 9, 2011 - Washington

Officials at Virginia Technology University have ruled out security threat after the December 8 shootout, and said an unidentified dead body may be that of a gunman.

Two people, including a campus police officer, were shot dead in the shootout in Virginia Technology University on December 8.

The shootings came in the wake of the university appealing a 55,000 dollar fine over its "failure to provide timely warning" in response to the 2007 shootings that killed 33 people.

Officials said a weapon was found near the second corpse.

"I really can't give you a specific answer. I think investigators feel confident they have located the person" responsible for the shooting," The Los Angeles Times quoted Virginia State Police Sergeant Bob Carpentieri, as saying.

Officials said that students were free to conduct their business "as the situation is under control at this time."

Authorities said they suspect that the culprit shot the Virginia Tech police officer during a routine traffic stop on campus.

Officials refused to comment on whether the second male corpse has been identified, or his clothing matched the description of the suspect released shortly after the shooting.

Though the slain police officer has not been publicly identified, the university said he had been in Virginia Tech police department for four years.

Virginia police, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives officers launched an intense search on the campus after the killings.

The Department of Education did not comment on the December 8 shootout.


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