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Virgin America 'releases video on mile-high etiquette'

June 16, 2011 - London

Virgin America, who has apparently had enough of passengers who behave badly in the skies, has released a video that treads lightly on the unspoken rules of air travel.

The new video appropriately titled We're All in This Together, features cartoon characters breaking all the rules including clipping their toenails so that the ends land on fellow passengers, hogging the armrest and talking loudly over fellow travellers, reports

It debuted on flights last month.

Those who spray perfume, kick the seat in front or join the mile-high club in the plane's toilet were also singled out as inconsiderate in the video.

"Booger flickers", burrito eaters, those who read a large newspaper or sleep like a log were also breaking social rules.

A Virgin America spokeswoman said the airline tried to be non-confrontational about the way it covered the topic.

"There's nothing in the video that says to our guests 'you're bad'," Virgin America's Porter Gale said.

"We wanted it to be light and fun in a way that respects our guests," he added.


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