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Vet facing £75k fine for putting up 1,000 posters to find lost dogs

October 15, 2011 - London

The owner of two missing dogs has been slapped with a fine of 75,000 pounds for putting up 1000 posters in a desperate bid to find her dogs.

Nicola Bayston, a 33-year-old vet and her husband Richard were upset when their dogs Jess and Bramble suddenly disappeared from the field where they were left untied.

Immediately they had the 'missing' posters printed showing pictures of the dogs and offering a 1,000-pound reward.

But council officials have warned the couple they have until October 27 to take down the posters which have been put up near their home in South Hiendley, South Yorkshire.

"Our dogs went missing on September 5 after they were let out into a field. Jess is Bramble's mother. She tunnelled under a fence and they both ran off," the Daily Mail quoted the owner as saying.

"We couldn't believe that the council would threaten us with such a massive fine. I was about to put up more posters offering an even bigger reward. These people are just jobsworths."

The Wakefield council claimed to have received many complaints about the posters being put up on lampposts.

"While we sympathise with Mr and Mrs Bayston, flyposting is an offence which carries a 75 pounds fixed penalty fine - though we do permit, for example, pictures of missing persons and community events," Glynn Humphries, the council's service director was quoted as saying.

"These particular posters have been in place now for five weeks and we do not think it is unreasonable to ask that they be removed," he added.


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