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US 'slaps UK in the face' by siding with Argentina over Falkland sovereignty issue

June 11, 2011 - Washington

The Obama administration appears to have stabbed Britain in its back by supporting Argentina in the ongoing dispute over the highly sensitive Falkland Islands sovereignty issue.

Although the US has called for negotiations between the United Kingdom and Argentina over the issue, Britain does not consider sovereignty to be an issue.

After the British fended off an Argentine invasion of the nearby islands in 1982, the government is continuing to maintain control over the Falklands and grant islanders British citizenship, Fox News reports.

Britain has been resisting international calls for the two nations to negotiate the issue.

Meanwhile, Heritage Foundation analyst Nile Gardiner said that the U.S. should at least stay neutral on the Falkland issue.

"British sovereignty over the islands is not an issue for negotiation. ... This is a slap in the face for America's closest friend and ally," he said, accusing the administration of siding with Venezuela and others against its friend.

"This is a bizarre foreign policy," Gardiner, Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, whose namesake was prime minister during the Falklands War, added.

In 2010, the Obama administration had said that it would endorse calls for talks over the islands.

At a Buenos Aires news conference with Argentina's president in March 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she agreed with Argentina that the two nations should "sit down and resolve the issues between them."


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