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US sending agents to Afghanistan to crop Taliban infiltration in local forces

June 11, 2011 - Kabul

The US military is reportedly sending 80 counterintelligence agents to Afghanistan to minimise the threat of the Taliban infiltration in the Afghan National Security Forces.

Amid concerns over the increased attacks of Afghan soldiers and police officers on their coalition counterparts, the US has decided to send the counterintelligence agents to review profiles of soldiers who are being trained, and tighten the recruitment procedures to identify individuals who might be vulnerable to extremists' appeals.

The New York Times quoted Lieutenant colonel David C. Simons, a spokesman for the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan, as saying that some of the agents have already arrived, while the rest are expected to arrive soon.

Since March 2009, at least 57 people, including 32 American troops, have been killed in at least 19 attacks carried out by Afghan service members.

"These incidents are exacerbated by austere battlefield conditions, combat stress, fatigue and cultural misunderstandings," Colonel Simons said, adding that the threat of infiltration is real."

According to reports, the attacks have increased ever since the NATO forces have started to train the Afghan Army and the police before their exit by 2014.


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