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US prof apologizes for after-class sex toy demonstration

March 6, 2011 - New York

A Northwestern University professor has apologized for his post-class lecture involving a sex toy demonstration after the news caused an Internet firestorm.

J. Michael Bailey, who teaches a human sexuality class at the Chicago school, issued a written statement saying it would not happen again and apologizing to anyone he offended.

"I regret allowing the controversial after class demonstration on February 21st," the New York Daily News quoted him as writing.

"I regret the effect that this has had on Northwestern University's reputation, and I regret upsetting so many people in this particular manner. I apologize," he wrote.

However, the written statement is a dramatic departure from an email Bailey wrote to the members of the 600-person class, which was published in the student newspaper earlier this week where he explained the decision process where he had two people performing a sex act on stage.

"Do I have any regrets? It is mostly too early to say. I certainly have no regrets concerning Northwestern students, who have demonstrated that they are open-minded grown ups rather than fragile children. I have not enjoyed the press, because I have assumed that reporters will sensationalize what happened and will not provide my side," he had written.

In his apology, Bailey added he planned to discuss the event with students and the issues it arose. But he pointedly said that Northwestern students were adults.

"Observers were Northwestern students legally capable of voting, enlisting in the military, and consuming pornography, as well as making many other serious decisions that legal adults are allowed to make," he wrote.


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