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US lawmaker accused of 'using congressional phone' for sex chat with blackjack dealer

June 8, 2011 - Washington

Anthony Weiner, the US congressman who lied about exchanging sexual messages and pictures with his female admirers online, has now been accused by women of using his office phone to carry out affairs.

The married New York Democrat's claim of not resigning because he kept the sexual messages and pictures separate from his work has been challenged.

A Las Vegas Blackjack dealer claimed that he had called her for phone sex from a congressional line, while a pornographic actress alleged that he offered to have someone from his "team" help her prepare misleading responses to media enquiries, The Telegraph reports.

He could now face an inquiry by the Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives, which could recommend that he be reprimanded, fined, or even expelled if official resources were misused.

On Monday, Weiner had confessed of having "inappropriate conversations" with six women over three years via Facebook, Twitter and telephone.

Last week he had sent a picture of his crotch to a student in Seattle via Twitter, and accidentally made it public. He then claimed his account was hacked, but the story unravelled when more pictures came to light.


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