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US discrediting Pak Army and ISI: Senior official

June 16, 2011 - Lahore

A senior Pakistani official has said the United States and Western media are discrediting the Pakistan Army and other security agencies which could create a situation that led to the disintegration of once the Soviet Union in 1990.

He said the Komitet (KGB) or Committee for State Security was a very strong intelligence agency and had foiled many plots against the Soviet Union. However, when it was weakened, it could not save the USSR from disintegration.

He said the US wanted to demoralise Pakistan's security forces so to prevent them from taking action in case the country faced a situation similar to the one Libya, Syria and other Arab countries.

He added that a time would come when pressure would be mounted on Pakistan to roll back its nuclear programme.

"They want to keep Pakistan under constant pressure and portray it as a suspect at international level. We are closely watching the enemy tactics and are trying to frustrate them", The Nation quoted him, as saying.

He said the US designs against Pakistan were very clear. Until May 2, Pakistan was regarded as an ally of the United States, but the nature of relationship changed after the US NavySeals operation in Abbottabad, resulting in the death of the terror mastermind Osama bin Laden.

According to him, the killings in Pakistan, even of terrorists, were being deliberately painted in a negative light to show that the security agencies of the country had failed to deliver. He said there is also a possibility of the Western media launching another campaign of human rights violations in Pakistan.

No other country was being targeted the way Pakistan is, the official said, adding that this was sufficient to prove that the agenda was being pursued against the country.


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