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US Army apologizes for new Afghan civilian Corpses' photos

March 29, 2011 - Washington

The US Army has issued an apology for the distress it caused after new images of US troops posing with the dead bodies of Afghan civilians, were published in a magazine.

Earlier also the Army apologized when similar photos were published in German paper Der Spiegel. The killings apparently took place early last year.

According to Eric Bates, executive editor of Rolling Stone magazine that recently published the photos, there were around 150 pictures out of which 17 have been published on its website along with two videos showing US attacks on Afghans.

Responding to their publication, the US Army said it would "relentlessly" pursue the truth, no matter how difficult or lengthy the investigation, The BBC reports.

"The photos published by Rolling Stone are disturbing and in striking contrast to the standards and values of the US Army," it said in a statement.

"Like those published by Der Spiegel, the Army apologizes for the distress these latest photos cause," the statement added.

The statement also said that accountability remains Army's paramount concern in these alleged crimes, and they would continue to investigate leads.

The photographs are alleged to have been taken by a "rogue" US Army unit in Afghanistan in 2010. Photos feature US soldiers grinning over the corpses of Afghan civilians they had allegedly killed.


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