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UK right-wing extremist could carry out Breivik-style massacres if not monitored: Expert

August 14, 2011 - London

Anti-Islamist group, English Defence League (EDL), could carry out a Norway-style attack in Britain unless the government cracks down on the organisation, an expert has said.

Matthew Collins, who has closely followed the EDL since 2009, said that far-right group should be monitored in the way terrorists are to prevent a mass killing.

Collins reckons that top members of the EDL are as dangerous as Hitler.

"The government needs to treat gangs of white, far-right extremists like they do groups of Muslim extremists. Their leader Tommy Robinson, the pint-sized Fuhrer, says himself that we're probably five years away from a Breivik-style incident in this country," the Daily Star quoted Collins, as saying.

"If we don't get it right, it won't be just foolish young Muslims planting bombs on Tubes. It will be foolish young white kids, because people like the EDL tell them nothing about the great things about this country but will focus only on their twisted version of Englishness," he added.

Collins urged the police to ban the EDL march in East London next month, saying that the march may end up in a riot.

"The police cancelled the England football match and the Tottenham game because of fears of a riot. So, why are they allowing the EDL to march in Tower Hamlets in September?" Collins said.

"They are not coming here to protest about radical Islam. They are here for a riot. We need to stop this hatred brewing on our streets before it's too late," he added.


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