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UK 'must tackle its deep-seated social problems', says Chancellor of Exchequer

August 14, 2011 - London

In response to the wave of riots that swept across the UK last week, British Chancellor of Exchequer George Osborne, has said that the country must tackle its 'deep-seated social problems', but said that the government would go ahead with its plan to cut police spending.

He said that some communities had been left behind by the rest of the country and it was up to society and the government to re-engage with those groups who felt isolated.

"There are very deep-seated social problems which we need to tackle," The Telegraph quoted Osborne, as saying.

"There are communities that have just been left behind by the rest of the country. There are communities that are cut off from the economic life-blood of the rest of the country," he said.

Osborne also insisted that budget cuts to police forces in England will go ahead, despite warnings that they will hamper efforts to curb street violence.

He said that the government remained committed to its plan that will take two billion pounds out of the police budget, leading to a loss of an estimated 30,000 jobs.

"We are committed, as the home secretary [Theresa May] and the prime minister [David Cameron] and I have made it clear this week, to the plan we've set out for police reform," the paper quoted him, as saying.

He said it was not an issue of numbers, but 'improving the presence of the police in our communities, making the police more visible'.


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