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UK ministers slammed for axing powers to ban Mumbai-style terror suspect

June 8, 2011 - London

British government ministers have been criticised for axing powers used to ban a terror suspect feared to be plotting a Mumbai-style massacre from living in London.

Home Secretary Theresa May unveiled plans earlier this year to water down restrictions on terror suspects and it includes axing the power to ban suspects from living in an entire city.

But it has emerged it was used this year to stop a British-Nigerian terror suspect living in London.

Known only as CD, he was thought to be planning an atrocity on the scale of the Mumbai terror attacks that rocked India in 2008.

MI5 has warned that the father-of-two is a key figure in a group of Islamic fanatics in North London.

But he could not be banned from living in London under May's new terrorist prevention and investigation measures (TPIMs).

The system only lets courts exclude suspects from small areas, specific buildings or streets.

A Home Office spokesman insisted: "TPIMs mean suspected terrorists who were unable to be prosecuted cannot go freely about their terrorism-related activities."

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said: "Does the Home Secretary think it will protect the public to remove a power she deemed necessary for national security only a few months ago?"


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