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UK Defense Ministry foiled over 1,000 cyber attacks: Fox

June 8, 2011 - London

British Defense Secretary Liam Fox said the Ministry of Defense is a "prime target" for cyber attacks after disclosing that it has dealt with over 1,000 "potentially serious" incidents over the past year.

The BBC quoted Fox, as saying that criminals and foreign intelligence services were waging a "continuous battle" in cyberspace against UK interests.

"This is the war of the invisible enemy," he said during a speech in London.

Fox said the number of cyber "security incidents" had doubled over the past year.

"Our systems are targeted by criminals, foreign intelligence services and other malicious actors seeking to exploit our people, corrupt our systems and steal information," said Fox.

"To give you an idea of the challenge, last year the MoD blocked and investigated over 1,000 potentially serious attacks," he said.

"This threat is growing in scale and sophistication - my department is a prime target," he added.

Fox pointed out the government could not tackle cyber crime on its own and relied on business and the public to develop awareness of the threats faced.

"There is no Maginot Line in cyber space as recent high profile attacks on defense contractors have shown. Our national intellectual property in defense and security industries is at risk from a systematic marauding," Fox said.

"The reality is that increasingly we will worry about how seriously our suppliers take account of the cyber security threat when we are placing our business," he added.


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