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Toronto police warns girls wearing skirts to school could attract pervert

October 15, 2011 - London

Toronto police officers have warned school girls not to wear their uniform on the subway as it could attract a pervert looking out for skirt-wearing prep school girls.

The new advice, which has sparked a series of new sexism complaints in the city, follows reports of harassment by a man with a fetish for skirt-wearing prep school girls.

Principal of Greenwood College in Toronto, where pupils have been advised not to wear skirts to school, communicated the message to all the parents and teachers in an e-mail and insisted that the officer's advice was not meant to be sexist.

"Students, especially females, should consider not wearing their school uniform when riding the TTC," the Daily Mail quoted Allen Hardy as saying.

'This person was looking up the girls' skirts.

"So the advice is given...if they had, for example, jeans or sweatpants on, it wouldn't be an issue," he said.

The warning came after two girls from Greenwood wearing school skirts, shirts and blazers travelling on the subway, were ogled by the man on their way to lessons.

The girls added that the suspect, a white man in his 30s, around 5ft 6in tall with messy, light-brown hair, had been looking up their skirts.


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