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Stay atop the sex doll to win world's wacky river race!

August 12, 2011 - London

More than 800 Russians took part in the ninth Annual Bubble Baba (a rude Russian word for 'woman') Challenge, where they had to race each other floating down the river atop sex dolls.

The event, which was held in the Vuoksa Rapids, 50 miles from St Petersburg, takes only takes three minutes to complete, reports the Daily Mail.

Both men and women competed in the contest, where they were asked not to lose the 'lifesaver' dolls in order to win.

Organizer Dmitry Bulawinov, who also founded the event, said that it all kicked off 'as a joke at a party where the men got drunk and the women didn't show up'.

Bulawinov revealed that while they considered the possible usage of a rubber woman on a camping trip, someone came up with the idea of a sex doll's possibility as a handy flotation device.


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