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South Australia to back federal action on match fixing in sport

June 8, 2011 - Adelaide

South Australia has said that it will support a federal government crackdown on match fixing in sport.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted South Australia's Sports Minister Tom Kenyon, as saying that he would back moves by his federal counterpart Mark Arbib by signing up to a national policy at Friday's meeting of sports ministers.

"There's no doubt that match fixing poses a huge threat to the integrity of Australian sport," Kenyon said.

He added: "It's insidious by nature and is something we simply cannot let become a part of the Australian sporting landscape."

Kenyon said the federal government had already floated the idea of a maximum 10-year jail term for match fixing and he was comfortable with that.

"Supporting this stance is a no brainer and I would also urge all of my state and territory colleagues to do the same so that we can send a strong message of deterrence to any would-be match fixers," he said.

Kenyon said the national policy would provide the platform for action against match fixing underpinned by legislation, regulation, codes of conduct and industry standards.


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