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Soon, raise a toast with George Washington's beer!

May 6, 2011 - London

Connoisseurs will soon get a taste of the historic beer, which the legendary American President George Washington drank.

According to an announcement, the founding father's personal recipe for 'small beer' is being recreated.

The New York Public Library, which holds the handwritten recipe from 1757, has reportedly partnered with a local brewery to make a modern version of Washington's drink.

The beer has been named 'Fortitude's Founding Father Brew' and will not be sold commercially. However, 25 gallons of beer will be brewed and offered for tasting on May 18 at Rattle N Hum, a mid-Manhattan bar.

The tastings will also be offered at New York Public Library's 100th birthday gala on May 23.

Local brewers, Peter Taylor and Josh Knowlton have kept true to Washington's original scrawling, while making a few small tweaks where they felt necessary.

The brewers have made two batches of the drink, one with molasses as was Washington's preference and one without it. In addition, they have substituted malted barley for fermentable sugar.

"Back then, they didn't really have quite the same understanding of brewing science that we do now," the Daily Mail quoted Knowlton as saying.It's pretty light, pretty dry, medium-bodied but roasty. We used some roasted malts in there so it's definitely got some of a roasted, chocolaty, little bit of a coffee flavor," he added.


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