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'Sexting' Congressman Weiner's X-rated pics leak on Internet

June 9, 2011 - New York

A photo of what is believed to be Anthony Weiner's full frontal view has hit the internet two days after the congressman admitted to talking dirty to half a dozen women and sending some of them lewd pictures of himself.

It happened after conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, who claimed to have acquired the X-rated picture of Weiner from one of the congressman's computer conquests, Meagan Broussard, showed off the photo on his cell phone to Sirius XM producers Opie and Anthony, reports the New York Daily News.

As Breitbart was passing his cell phone around, the studio video camera was on.

Seconds later, Weiner's business was on the Web for all to see.

Weiner's damage control expert released a statement after the X-rated picture was exposed.

"As Representative Weiner said on Monday when he took responsibility for his actions, he has sent explicit photos," wrote Risa Heller.


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