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Sex strike urged to end Belgium's political deadlock

February 8, 2011 - Melbourne

In order to break Belgian's nearly eight-month political deadlock, a senator has suggested that negotiators should stay away from having sex.

According to De Morgen newspaper, Marleen Temmerman said that negotiators should abstain from having sex until a new coalition government was formed, reports the Courier Mail.

The socialist politician, who is also a renowned gynecologist, said she was inspired by her time in Kenya.

"After a year of talking, women's movements called on the negotiators' wives to stop having sex until an agreement was reached. A week later, a deal was on the table," she said.

Temmerman also cited the ancient Greek text Lysistrata by the playwright and philosopher Aristophanes, which describes a successful sex strike mounted by women to end the war between Athens and Sparta.

"You never know. It's much better than being cynical," she added.


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