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Seven out of ten UK voters say Miliband's Labour party not "fit for Government"

September 24, 2011 - London

A new poll has shown that seven out of ten respondents believe Ed Miliband's Labour party is not "fit for Government".

The poll results came ahead of the Miliband's Labour conference speech in Liverpool, where he would announce new measures to take on the "big six" energy firms.

A YouGov poll for The Sun also found that 60 percent of respondents favoured a complete overhaul of the party to make itself electable.

Just one in 20 respondents said Miliband is a "natural leader" and less them ten percent describe him as "strong" or "decisive", the Sun reports.

According to the poll, only six percent believe Miliband is "charismatic" and just four per cent said he would be "good in a crisis".

Only 12 percent think he has improved Labour, as compared to 36 percent last year.

The only silver lining for Miliband is that a quarter of respondents have said Miliband is "in touch with concerns of ordinary people", more than twice the figure for David Cameron.


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