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International News on September 26, 2011

Sex Party workers demand liberal liquor laws in Queensland
The Sex Party in Australia has demanded that the liquor laws in Queensland should be relaxed. ANI

Thousands run in undies in Utah to protest against 'uptight laws'
Thousands of people took to the streets in Utah in their underwear to protest against the state "being so uptight". ANI

NYPD ticket-fixing scandal: Wiretap recordings reveal cops' racist talk
Investigators probing New York City Police Department (NYPD)'s ticket-fixing scandal have found wiretap recordings in which some officers' conversations were rife with racist and inflammatory remarks. ANI

Frail Margaret Thatcher's rare public appearance at Liam Fox's 50th b'day
Margaret Thatcher has beaten her ill health to make a rare public appearance when she attended British Defence Secretary Liam Fox's 50th birthday party. ANI

Bristol Palin's heckler revealed as Hollywood talent manager
The man who confronted Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol in front of the cameras at Saddle Ranch, a West Hollywood bar, where the 20-year-old was riding a mechanical bull, has been identified as Stephen Hanks, a Hollywood talent manager. ANI

Couples counselling 'improves sex lives of prostate cancer survivors'
Couples counselling can help prostate cancer survivors and their partners experience improved sexual satisfaction and function, according to a new study. ANI

NYPD fully geared to successfully take down terror planes from skies: Commissioner
The New York City Police Department (NYPD), currently the largest municipal police force in the United States, can take down terror planes from the skies, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has said. ANI

Pak-US playing zero-sum game about when to cap their hostility: Pak Editorial
Relations between Pakistan and the US have severed following the latter's accusation that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is linked to the Haqqani network, leading to a point where both the sides appears to be playing a zero-sum game with no indication about how and when they intend to cap their hostility, an Express Tribune Editorial has said. ANI

UK schools 'forced to give sex lessons, hand out contraceptives'
Primary schools in the UK are being forced to teach sex education, while secondary schools are being encouraged to hand out contraception and hold condom demonstrations in class under a scheme meant to promote 'healthy' lifestyles. ANI

HSBC forecasts slower China GDP growth in last quarter of 2011
A preliminary reading of the HSBC purchasing managers' index (PMI) has indicated that a contraction of Chinese manufacturing sector for the third consecutive month in September would lead to slower GDP growth in the current year's last quarter. ANI

Taliban fear forcing Pak tribal girls to join seminaries, warns report
A new report has said poverty and fear of the Taliban have forced girls in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) into joining seminaries. ANI

Jade Goody's 55 year-old-mum suffers miscarriage
Late reality TV star Jade Goody's mother has lost her unborn baby at the age of 55. ANI

Pro-Nuclear Japanese mayor's re-election a setback to anti-nuke movement
A pro-nuclear power city mayor has defeated an anti- nuclear power opponent in an election, which can be regarded as a setback to the antinuclear movement that has grown in Japan since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident during the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. ANI

World Bank, IMF chiefs refuse to meet Pak delegation in US
The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Managing Director and the World Bank's President have refused to meet a delegation led by Pakistan Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh in Washington. ANI

Pak Army's 'cost benefit analysis' reveals 'futility of escalating tension' with US
Pakistan's top Army Commanders have agreed that tension should be defused between Islamabad and Washington, in a meeting held on Sunday to discuss a crisis situation that evolved following the US' accusation that the Inter-Services Intelligence's (ISI) is linked to the Haqqani insurgent network. ANI

Pak will stand against US if it attacks Waziristan: Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has warned the US that the entire nation will stand united against American forces if the latter attacks Waziristan. ANI

Russian finance minister says he will quit if Medvedev becomes PM
Russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin has said that he would step down rather than serve under Dmitry Medvedev if the president becomes prime minister next year as planned. ANI

'127 Hours' movie inspired man with broken leg survive for four days in Utah desert
A man, who broke his leg, crawled for four days across the Utah desert, after being inspired by a movie 127 Hours, which portrayed a man who cut off his own arm to save himself after being trapped by a boulder in the same canyon. ANI

London streets 'paved with precious metals like platinum'
A waste management company has revealed that it is planning to collect tens of thousands of dust from the city's pavements to turn it into cash. ANI

Prince Harry's secret zooming on the racetrack
Prince Harry is said to have enjoyed a secret day out driving super-fast cars at a racetrack before a night of partying. ANI

BBC boss backs self-regulation of UK Press to prevent 'limiting media freedom'
In the wake of the phone-hacking scandal that led to the closure of British tabloid News of The World, the BBC's director-general, Mark Thompson, has argued that the media in the nation should continue to regulate itself, otherwise it would make it easier for the state to 'limit media freedom'. ANI

'Human Rights' allowing terror fanatic to stay in Britain
A 28-year-old terror fanatic in Britain has been allowed to stay in the country after a judge barred his deportation on grounds of human rights. ANI

'Envoy' Blair promoted 1 billion pound deals for investment bank he advises
Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's role as a Middle East peace envoy has come under the scanner over claims that he used the position to promote lucrative business deals for clients of an investment bank, which pays him two million pounds a year for the senor advisor post. ANI

Human safari' tourism destroys UN drive to link cultures in Andaman Islands
Travel and tourism have the power to link cultures and provide a 'stepping stone towards peace', according to the UN. ANI

Pak must improve ties with US for sake of its citizens: Blake
US Deputy Secretary of State for South Asia Robert Blake has said that Islamabad should improve ties with America to help the people of Pakistan who were facing political, economic and security problems. ANI

Haqqani network was CIA's "blue-eyed boy" for many years: Khar
Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said the Haqqani group was the Central Investigative Agency's (CIA) "blue-eyed boy" for many years. ANI

China police chief apologizes over 'sex slave' case
The police chief of a Central Chinese city has apologized over a case in which a man allegedly detained six women as sex slaves In an underground prison for two years, killing two of them. ANI

GOP regards Romney, Perry 'very weak frontrunners' for 2012 White House race
Republicans are increasingly voicing their disappointment over 2012 White House frontrunners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. ANI

Car enthusiast sells rare 1964 Semi-Lightweight Jaguar for 1.35m pounds
A rare 1964 Semi-Lightweight Jaguar E-Type has reportedly been sold for more than 1.3 million pounds. ANI

Young, migrant women at high risk of induced abortions in China, warn experts
Experts have warned that young unmarried migrant women in China are at a high risk of induced abortions in China and have urged their better access to reproductive health education. ANI

62 year old woman abandons world record Cuba- Florida swim attempt after jellyfish attack
Veteran swimmer Diana Nyad, who had embarked on a Cuba to Florida swimming adventure was forced abandon her attempt due to suffering pain after being stung several times by Portuguese jellyfish during her journey. ANI

Cameron says government and News Corp ties were "too cozy"
British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that relations between the government and media giant News Corporation had grown "too cozy" and has been scaled back in the wake of a phone hacking scandal at the now-defunct tabloid News of the World. ANI

Libya conflict may cost UK 'seven times over estimate' 1.75 billion pounds
A new study has shown that UK's involvement in the Libyan conflict could cost as high as 1.75 billion pounds, which is almost seven times over the government's earlier estimate of 260 million pounds. ANI

Iran Prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad creates trouble for renowned dentist
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad earned the wrath of a dozen people when he arrived with hordes of security guards and many more NYPD officers to the Warwick hotel, where he was staying last week. ANI

UK aid money falling into wrong hands of Pak's most corrupt regime: Imran Khan
Pakistan cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has said that funds from the UK are falling into the wrong hands in his country. ANI

Iran President Ahmadinejad offers 1500 dollars to guests to dine with him
Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not only known for changing his clothes only once a week, but for offering 1500 dollars to guests to dine with him. ANI

Conan Doyle's unpublished 1st novel to hit the shelves today
Arthur Conan Doyle's first novel, which was lost in post and remained unpublished, will finally be available for sale. ANI

Freed US hikers call their experience in Iran prison as 'worst experience of their lives'
Two US hikers held by Iran for over two years on spying charges, described their stay in Tehran prison as 'the worst experience of their lives'. ANI

Chinese Vice-PM's visit seen as rare boost for Pak to tackle US pressure
Pakistan's diplomatic efforts to counter growing American pressure following the latter's accusation of the Inter-Services Intelligence's (ISI) connection with the Haqqani network, might get a rare boost when Chinese Vice Prime Minister Meng Jianzhu arrives in Islamabad on Monday to discuss regional security, Pakistani officials said. ANI

Hindus hail Catalonia bullfighting ban
The Hindus have welcomed Catalonia (Spain) ban on age-old tradition of bullfighting, which takes effect on January 1. ANI

CIA, not Pak created Haqqani network: Malik
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) created the Haqqani network and trained its members, not Pakistan, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said. ANI

High-level Pak delegation leaves for India for trade talks
Pakistani Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim will lead a high-powered delegation to India today for bilateral trade talks after a gap of almost three years. ANI

US students' bake sale based on race, gender sparks outrage
A group of University of California students have sparked off a racism and sexism row over a controversial bake at the campus where people are charged according to their ethnic background and gender. ANI

Queen 'helped William plan his wedding invitees list'
Prince William has revealed how his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, helped plan his wedding to Kate Middleton. ANI

Dalai Lama says will take decision on reincarnation when he is 90
Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has said that he will decide when he is "about 90" whether or not he should be reincarnated, and added that China should have no say in the matter. ANI

A sex syndicate that offers prostitutes disguised as 'food items'!
A sex syndicate in Malaysia is offering prostitutes disguised as food items during lunch time to busy men who are closely monitored by their spouse. ANI

China to launch eight Antarctic, Arctic research expeditions for climate change study
China plans to launch five Antarctic and three Arctic research expeditions between 2011 and 2015 to study climate and environmental changes in the region. ANI

Hindus welcome Saudi Arabia move of women participation in elections
The Hindus have welcomed Saudi Arabia's historic announcement of giving right to women to vote and run in future municipal elections and to be appointed to all-male influential advisory Shura Council from next term. ANI

Charged UK terror suspects traveled to Pakistan for terrorism training
Six men in Britain who have been charged for terrorism-related offenses, out of which two men allegedly travelled to Pakistan for training in terrorism including bomb making, weapons and poison making, as well as making a martyrdom film. ANI

US may take military action against Pak if it continues supporting terrorists: Graham
US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has said the US might take military action against Pakistan if its intelligence agencies continue supporting terrorists who are attacking American forces. ANI

US should react strongly to Pak involvement in Kabul embassy attack
The United States should begin to take punitive steps toward Pakistan if it is proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) continues to work closely with the Haqqani insurgent network, and has been responsible for some of the fiercest attacks against U.S. and coalition soldiers in Afghanistan, an expert on Asia has said. ANI

French writer accusing Strauss-Kahn of rape 'afraid of coming face-to-face' with him
French journalist Tristane Banon, who has accused former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of trying to rape her, broke down in front of crowds of protestors, admitting she is afraid of coming face-to-face with her alleged attacker. ANI

Sikhs protest in London against "intimidation, disrespect" during airports' turban searches
Sikhs have been protesting at London Parliament Square against "intimidation and disrespect" of their turbans being searched at European airports. ANI

Saudi Arabian women to get voting rights but not before 2015
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz will allow women to stand for election and vote, but a new law in this regard will not come into force until 2015. ANI

Gunfire heard in Kabul CIA compound
Gunfire and a blast have reportedly been heard from a compound used by the US Central Intelligence Agency in Kabul. ANI

Hindus urge new Jewish Center for Interreligious Dialogue be all-inclusive
The Hindus have welcomed famed Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) of New York on launching of Milstein Center for Interreligious Dialogue, calling it a "step in the right direction". ANI

Coca-Cola System to Invest US$3 Billion for Long-Term Sustainable Growth in Russia
The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partner, Coca-Cola Hellenic, today announced a new Russian investment program of US$3 billion over the next five years, commencing 2012, as part of the official opening of a new Coca-Cola plant in the Rostov region. Business Wire India

The Estée Lauder Companies’ Launches Its 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with Several First-Ever Global Initiatives
The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign is launching its most ambitious global outreach campaign to date for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year’s 2011 BCA Campaign initiatives support its Campaign’s concept “Together. Connect. Communicate. Conquer Business Wire India

Ozônio and O3b Networks Commit to Providing Internet Services to Many Remote Towns and Cities in Brazil’s State of Amazonas
Business Wire India

Merck Serono: New Data Inspire Global Experts to Call for Improved Education, Awareness and Support for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress Abstract Number: 8607 Business Wire India

Polaris Launches Intellect CBX 3.0 at SIBOS
Polaris Software (POLS.BO), a leading Financial Technology Company, today announced the launch of IntellectTM Customer Business eXchange (CBX) 3.0 at Sibos 2011 in Toronto. Intellect CBX 3.0 is a widget based, integrated, agile and informed decision-making solution which provides superior multi channel customer experience delivery Business Wire India

Tunstall Healthcare Group Limited to acquire AMAC, American Medical Alert Corp.
Business Wire India

CARTES & IDentification 2011 Conference: The Major Global Conference for Learning & Networking in Digital Security & Smart Technologies
The landscape of payment in the world is changing, non-bank players are emerging, offline – online – mobile: multi-channel era is on its way. As the world becomes more integrated and interconnected, it is important to have a level of trust while maintaining security between transactions Business Wire India

PENTAX Launches the World’s First HD (High Definition) Video Bronchoscope
PENTAX Lifecare, a division of HOYA Corporation has launched the world’s first HD video bronchoscope at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) annual congress in Amsterdam. The new HD bronchoscope, the EB-1990i, sets a new standard for state-of-the-art bronchoscopy. Business Wire India

Knoa Expands its Global Presence Opening Regional Office in Singapore to Support Sales Team and Growing Customer Base
Knoa® Software, the leading provider of end-user management software, today announced it is expanding its global reach with the opening of its office in Singapore. This location will serve as headquarters for the company’s new regional subsidiary, Knoa Software Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd Business Wire India

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