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International News on September 20, 2011

'2nd man on Moon' Buzz Aldrin dating 30-yr-old junior 'predator'!
Buzz Aldrin, the second man to step foot on the Moon, has reportedly started dating a 30-year junior woman, whom his estranged wife calls a 'predator'. ANI

Michaele Salahi's rocker beau Neal Schon's wife 'very hurt' by their affair
'Real Housewives of D.C.' star Michaele Salahi's decision to hook up with rocker Neal Schon has left spouses of both heartbroken. ANI

Tareq Salahi 'blindsided' when wife Michaele ran away with rock star
White house gatecrasher Tareq Salahi felt he was blindsided when his wife of eight years Michaele ran away with Journey guitarist Neal Schon. ANI

German soldier Erwin Rommel's family brands upcoming film as 'lies'
The family of Erwin Rommel, the famed general of German wartime, has branded an upcoming film about the late soldier as 'lies', as it wrongly shows him to be a Nazi criminal. ANI

Camel-milk enriched ice cream to hit UK market next month
Ice cream made of camel's milk, which is already famous in the Middle East, is all set to hit the market of the United Kingdom. ANI

'Near vegan' Bill Clinton still can't resist omelettes and fish!
After decades of an unhealthy lifestyle during his stint at the White House, Former US president Bill Clinton has admitted that he still can't quite stay faithful to a vegan diet ANI

US-Iran military "hotline" link reports 'premature': US official
A senior US defense official has refuted reports that the country's officials are actively considering establishing an emergency "hotline" between the American and Iranian armies, adding that talks in this respect are only at a premature stage. ANI

French media, politicians divided over Strauss-Kahn's sincerity after TV interview
Many French politicians and media commentators were divided over former International Monetary Fund head Dominique Strauss-Kahn's sincerity, after he gave his first public appearance in France since he was arrested in New York on accusations of trying to rape a New York hotel maid. ANI

Braless Pixie Geldof reveals a little more than intended at LFW
Model Pixie Geldof has suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the London Fashion Week when she stepped out braless in an ill-fitting denim outfit. ANI

New book of facts reveals 400m people have sex in a day
A new book of facts has revealed some of the world's most mind-boggling nuggets of trivia, and it includes the information that on any single day 400 million people across the planet will have sex. ANI

US woman 'beats odds of 1 in 5 million to deliver twins from 2 uteruses'
Meet a Florida woman who has defied the odds of one in five million to give birth to twins from two separate uteruses last week. ANI

Greta Van Susteren dubs Tucker Carlson 'a pig, purveyor of smut' over Palin story
Greta Van Susteren and Tucker Carlson had an ugly, seven-minute shouting match on Fox News after the cable show host dubbed the Daily Caller editor-in-chief as a "pig" and "purveyor of smut" in her blog over Palin story. ANI

New Grand Mufti assures Sharia law consistent with Australian culture, values
Australia's new Grand Mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, the highest religious official in the country, has said Sharia law is consistent with Australia's culture and values. ANI

Malay-Indian party urges government to set up bureau to address Indian community's problems
Malay- Indian political party Makkal Sakthi has urged Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to set up a bureau specifically to tackle problems faced by the Malay-Indian community. ANI

104 year old Malay- Indian woman reveals secrets of her longevity
A vegetarian diet and smiles are among the secrets to Labkura's, Malaysian oldest citizen's long life. ANI

Japan targeted by cyber attacks 'originating in China'
The Japanese Government has said its websites and the country's biggest defence contractor's website have been targeted by cyber attacks apparently originating in China. ANI

Chinese rice with 13.9 per hectare output sets world record
China has set a new world record for rice output with a hybrid rice breed yielding 13.9 tons a hectare in Longhui county in Hunan province. ANI

Gold-plated Titanic necklace stolen from exhibition in Denmark
A gold-plated necklace recovered from the Titanic has reportedly been stolen from an exhibition at Copenhagen's Tivoli amusement park. ANI

Pak political parties with militant wings should be banned from polls: Nawaz Sharif
Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has said that the Supreme Court should ban political parties with militant wings from participating in elections. ANI

Eighteen militants, one Pak security personnel killed in Orakzai clashes
At least eighteen militants and one security personnel were killed in clashes in Pakistan's Upper Orakzai Agency. ANI

Pak refuses to hand over ex-ISI chief to 'Bosnia war crime' tribunal on medical grounds
Pakistan has refused to hand over one of its retired army generals to the International Tribunal of Hague on medical grounds, according to a news report attributed to official sources. ANI

Three tsunami hit Fukushima nuke reactors to start functioning by year end
A Japanese government official has said that three Fukushima nuclear reactors, which were affected by the March 11 earthquake-cum-tsunami, will be brought under control by the end of the year. ANI

Italian ex-p*rn star turned Radical Party MP to get pension from Nov
Hungarian-born Italian former p*rn star Ilona Staller, better known as Cicciolina, will get a pension of 39,000 Euros a year for serving one term as a Member of Parliament (MP) in Italy's Radical Party. ANI

Dame Helen Mirren says UK riots showed a 'streak of savagery' in country
Hollywood actress Dame Helen Mirren has said that there was a 'streak of savagery' in Britain during the last month's riots across the nation. ANI

Pak spent a trillion rupees on 'corrupt' state-owned companies in 4 years without gain
The Pakistan Government spent over one trillion rupees in the last four years on corruption-infested state-owned corporations, but did not bother to restructure them despite repeated promises and public commitments, according to a news report. ANI

Obama says tax raising Buffett Rule is 'math' not 'class warfare.'
While unveiling a new deficit reduction plan, US President Barack Obama has offered no compromise or negotiation on raising taxes on the rich, and clarified that the new 'Buffett Rule' is 'math' and not a 'class warfare.' ANI

NATO night raids in Afghanistan lead to protests across country
The number of night raids on civilian homes by international forces in Afghanistan has increased substantially, a study has revealed. ANI

At least two dead, 10 injured in Turkish capital bomb blast
At least two people have been killed and ten others were injured in an explosion in Turkish capital, Ankara on Tuesday. ANI

Gilani sets up 'coordination and strategy cell' to control diseases, epidemics in Pak
Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has announced the formation of a 'coordination and strategy cell' to help control infectious diseases and vectors. ANI

Haqqani network receives protection, support from ISI facets: US think-tank
The Haqqani network is seen by parts of the Pakistan Government as a valuable ally, and receives protection and support from facets of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Frank J. Cilluffo, Director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at the George Washington University, has said. ANI

Pakistan to file official complaint with UN against US drone attacks
Pakistan's Human Rights Ministry (HRM) has decided to take up the matter of US drone attacks with the United Nations under international humanitarian law, and file an official complaint to the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. ANI

Australia's new Grand Mufti Mohamed says radicals need to be 'corrected' not finished off
Australia's new Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, the highest official of Islamic religious law, has said young Australian radicals need to be "corrected" rather than being targeted. ANI

'Exotic' languages becoming barrier for US spy agencies post-9/11
The US spy agencies are lacking in language skills required to talk to locals in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East, translate intercepted intelligence and analyze data, it has emerged. ANI

News International offers 3m pounds to NOTW phone hacking victim Milly Dowler's family
The family of the murdered British schoolgirl Milly Dowler, who became the victim of the now-defunct tabloid News of the World's phone hacking, will be paid three million pounds damages by the News International. ANI

Indian wines flying off British shelves
The first Indian-wines, made from grapes grown in the Maharashtra, which are being sold by a UK supermarket are are proving to be extremely popular among British consumers. ANI

Sri Lanka may re-build Muslim shrine destroyed by Buddhist monks
The Sri Lankan government may re-build a Muslim shrine that was destroyed by a crowd of Buddhist monks earlier this month. ANI

Lahore HC orders Pak IT Ministry to ban Facebook for 'spreading religious hatred'
The Lahore High Court has ordered Pakistan's Information Technology Ministry to block access to all websites spreading religious hatred, including popular social networking site Facebook. ANI

Nawaz Sharif complains about 'keeping refreshment trays on thighs' during PIA flight
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has complained about the deteriorating standards of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), according to a news report. ANI

China to build satellite for Belarus
China and Belarus have reportedly signed a contract that will allow Beijing to build and launch a communications satellite for the latter. ANI

Hindus hail Transylvania University for launching interreligious program
The Hindus have welcomed the launch of interreligious program for campus ministry by Transylvania University (Lexington, Kentucky, USA) with a "Disciples of Christ" heritage, calling it a "step in the right direction". ANI

China bans popular talent show in crackdown on 'unethical' television programmes
Chinese authorities have banned a talent show, Super Girl, in a crackdown on unethical television programming. ANI

Pak flood relief efforts jeopardised by CIA's fake vaccination drive to nail Osama
The Central Intelligence Agency's fake vaccination programme to confirm Osama bin Laden's presence in Abbottabad, shortly before the May 2 US raid, has made flood relief efforts in Pakistan far more challenging than last year's unprecedented disaster in the country, aid officials and workers have claimed. ANI

Meet the 90-yr-old Brazilian dad who has 50 children, 100 grandchildren!
A 90-year-old Brazilian has fathered a staggering 50 children - the output of two marriages and affairs with his second wife's sister and mother. ANI

Blair wrote personal letter to 'Dear Gaddafi' offering help to identify US projects to invest in
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had sent a personal letter to fallen Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi after a visit to Libya, offering to help him identify African projects to invest in. ANI

Al-Qaeda still planning terror operations in UK: Theresa May
British Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that the Al-Qaeda leadership is till planning operations in the UK, while radicalizing and recruiting people to be sent to overseas for the same purpose. ANI

Two thirds of working mums rely on 'Team Mum' to juggle their busy lives
A new survey has found that 67 per cent of working mums believe they would have to give up their jobs if they didn't receive help from a network of family and friends, dubbed 'Team Mum'. ANI

TV show shows Oz PM Julia Gillard draped in flag after sex in office!
A satirical ABC TV show depicting a fictional Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard draped in an Australian flag after having sex on her office floor is facing sharp criticism. ANI

Postman affairs, sun allergies among excuses for not paying TV licences!
The excuses people give for not paying for a TV licence go as far as to include affairs with the postman, naughty children and sun allergies, officials have revealed. ANI

BBC apologises over 'Drive' director's F-word bloomer on 'Breakfast' show
The BBC has expressed it apology to its viewers after a film director uttered a profanity while comparing violence to sex in his new movie on a live show. ANI

Study shows 'grey' over 55's more likely to take gap year than students
A new study has revealed that one in four people aged above 55 has been on a gap year in the past five years or is planning for it, contrary to the popular perception that teenagers are more likely to take a break. ANI

Mussolini's uniform rakes in over 6,000 dollars at auction
Former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's military uniform has fetched 6,325 dollars at an auction. ANI

Colleagues never making tea, bringing smelly lunch, top office irritants
A study has revealed that one of the topmost irritants in office is a colleague, who shouts down the phone, or never offers to make tea and coffee. ANI

F-22, the world's most expensive stealth fighter to fly again
America's F-22 Raptor, the world's most advanced and expensive stealth jet fighter, will be heading back into the skies to protect the homeland after a nearly five-month grounding due to oxygen problems, the United States Air Force has announced. ANI

John F Kennedy ridiculed idea of being shot three years before his assassination
US President John F Kennedy told his Secret Service agents three years before his assassination that no one was going to shoot him and complained that his security was excessive. ANI

Scientists reject Times Atlas' 'ice-free Greenland due to climate change' claim
Leading UK polar scientists have rejected the Times Atlas of the World's contention that it had to re-draw Greenland's map, which has shrunk significantly due to climate change. ANI

India making "promising and substantial" progress in reducing maternal mortality: Lancet
India is one out of nine developing nations where progress is being made to meet the Millennium Development Goals of improving the health of women and children, analysts have said. ANI

US secretly preparing policy for Syria without Assad
The Obama administration has reportedly begun making plans on what American policy should be in Syria after the fall of President Bashar al-Assad, which many believe will happen soon. ANI

Gaddafi evading escape in state-of-art anti-tracking Mercedes provided by Sarkozy
Fallen Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has reportedly escaped in a state-of-the-art armoured vehicle with anti-tracking systems provided by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. ANI

French writer says 'she was lucky that sexual encounter with Strauss-Kahn didn't ended in rape'
The French journalist who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her, has said that she was lucky enough that the sexual encounter with the former International Monetary Fund chief didn't ended in a rape. ANI

Ahmadinejad's protege, 19 others arrested in 1.65billion pounds Iran bank fraud
Iranian authorities have arrested 19 suspects, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's protege, in a 1.65 billion dollar bank fraud described as the biggest financial corruption scam in the nation's history. ANI

Munter acknowledges chill in high-level US-Pak meetings
The US Ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, has acknowledged that there was a chill in high level meetings between Islamabad and Washington because of the Raymond Davis episode, the unilateral US 'Osama bin Laden' raid and WikiLeaks reports. ANI

Pak using US opposition to Iran gas pipeline as bargaining chip for civilian nuclear deal
Islamabad has apparently decided to use Washington's opposition to the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project as a bargaining chip to persuade the United States to grant Pakistan a civilian nuclear deal similar to the one between the US and India. ANI

Berlusconi's 'escort fixer' flew in women from UK for 'bunga bunga' parties
A man charged with being Silvio Berlusconi's 'escort fixer' flew girls from Britain for the Italian Prime Minister's infamous bunga bunga parties. ANI

Poser® 9 and Poser® Pro 2012 Unveiled Today
Following the most successful presale reception from the graphics community—driven by its groundbreaking and innovative feature set, Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) Productivity and Graphics Group announced today the official release of Poser® 9 and Poser® Pro 2012 Business Wire India

Sunlogics Announces Acquisition of EPV Solar Germany GmbH and New Millennium Solar Equipment Corp.
Sunlogics PLC (Frankfurt: 18L), a vertically integrated global solar energy systems provider specializing in solar project development and installation, today announced that it has acquired privately-held Phoenix Solar Holdings Corp and its operating subsidiaries, including EPV Solar Germany GmbH and New Millennium Solar Equipment Corp Business Wire India

Komatsu Chooses Quake Global Modems for Optimizing Construction Equipment
Quake Global, Inc., a leading manufacturer of M2M communicators for multiple satellite and terrestrial networks, announced that Komatsu Ltd., the world’s second largest construction equipment manufacturer, is using QUAKE’s Q1000 and Q1200 modems in its full line of M2M communication solutions for heavy machinery Business Wire India

BIOTRONIK Announces Completion of Enrollment in the BIOLUX P-I Clinical Study Investigating Drug-eluting Balloon Therapy for Peripheral Artery Disease
BIOTRONIK, a leading European manufacturer of therapy solutions for vascular intervention, announced the completion of enrollment in the BIOLUX P-I – a clinical study investigating the use of a drug-eluting balloon (DEB) catheter, a promising new approach to treating disease in the more challenging peripheral vascular anatomy. Business Wire India

FlexTrade Certified by National Stock Exchange of India
FlexTrade Systems, a global leader in broker-neutral multi-asset algorithmic trading systems, today announced its Asian subsidiary, FlexTrade Systems Pte. Ltd., is registered as a Foreign Independent Software Vendor (FISV) in the Capital Markets segment and Futures and Options segment of the National Stock Exchange of India Limited. Business Wire India

Walkers Management Services Completes Hong Kong Team with Key Appointment
Walkers Management Services, the leading international provider of corporate and fiduciary services, is pleased to announce that its Hong Kong team is now complete with the appointment of Michele Wan as Senior Vice President with Walkers Corporate Services. Business Wire India

Welch Allyn Will Showcase High-Performance Healthcare Technology Designed to Enhance Patient Safety, Flow at HIMSS AsiaPac11
Business Wire India

NetCracker Announces Agreement to Acquire Subex’s Activation Business
NetCracker Technology announced today that it has reached an agreement with Subex Ltd. to acquire its activation and provisioning business in an asset sale. Business Wire India

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