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International News on September 1, 2011

Quinnipiac Poll shows Perry leading Romney in 2012 US prez race
A new Quinnipiac poll has shown that 24 percent of respondents prefer Texas Governor Rick Perry, while18 percent prefer former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the 2012 US presidential race. ANI

Obama reschedules new jobs creation plan speech on Congress request
US President Barack Obama has decided to reschedule plans to reveal his much-anticipated jobs creation plan in Congress on the request of House of Representatives Speaker John Andrew Boehner and other Republican leaders. ANI

Model 'arrested for stripping in Times Square in the name of art'
The New York City police detained a model after she posed in Times Square dressed only in paint. ANI

Mussolini 'had affair with Italy's last queen', son's letter reveals
Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini had an affair with Italy's last queen, a secret letter written by his son has revealed. ANI

Pensioner travels 61,000 miles to visit every Ipswich in the world
A pensioner from Ipswich has travelled 61,000 miles to visit every place in the world bearing the same name as his hometown. ANI

Sydney mosque imam denies having Al-Qaeda connection
A Sydney sheikh accused of having links with the Al-Qaeda preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, has denied the claim. ANI

Jamie Oliver launches own brand of 'ethically' sourced fish fingers
Jamie Oliver has launched his own brand of "ethical" fish fingers. ANI

Insomnia costing US workforce $63.2 bln a year in lost productivity: Study
On average US workers lose 11.3 days, or 2,280 dollars in productivity each year due to insomnia, a study has revealed. ANI

Even the Clintons were without power days after Hurricane Irene
Just like normal people, even those in power were blackened out for days together, after Hurricane Irene. ANI

Kate and Pippa among first to get hands on 'miracle' cream
Prince William's wife Kate and her sister Pippa are among the first ladies who have been "lucky" to be chosen to try a new "miracle" beauty potion. ANI

Prince Harry marks mum Di's 14th death anniversary by meeting ill kids
Prince Harry paid tribute to his late mother Diana on her 14th death anniversary by meeting gravely ill children and young people at the annual WellChild Awards. ANI

1 in 6 grandparents think their kids have failed as parents
Many grandparents believe their grandchildren are ill-disciplined, bad-mannered, disrespectful and treated too leniently. ANI

Underwater groping on Dubai beaches on the rise
Dubai shores are witnessing a rise in the disturbing trend of underwater groping, even as the police routinely cracks down on beach pests and has even set up a helpline on which the victims can report lewd behaviour. ANI

Kids who say 'gimme now' likely to do the same as adults
Kids who are better at resisting temptation are more likely to retain "self-control" as adults, likewise, those who wanted their cookie right away as children were more likely to seek instant gratification as adults, according to a new study. ANI

Sony launches world's 1st 3D OLED-based head-mounted display
Technology giant Sony has unveiled a head-mounted display that gives wearers a 3D personal theater for videos, music and games. ANI

24 percent people prefer Perry vis- a- vis 18 percent Romney for 2012 presidential race
A new poll has shown that Texas Governor Rick Perry enjoys a 24 percent to 18 percent advantage against Mitt Romney for the 2012 presidential race. ANI

Abortion ups risk of mental health problems by 81pc
Women who have abortions are at an 81 percent increased risk of mental health problems, according to a new study. ANI

Arsenal fan Prince Harry ribbed by six-yr-old Man U fan over defeat
Prince Harry, who is an Arsenal fan, was ribbed by a six-year-old Man United fan over his team's 8-2 defeat. ANI

'Autumn cleaning' replaces 'spring clean' to spruce up UK homes
We've all heard of 'spring cleaning' - the time set aside for cleaning a house from top to bottom. ANI

Muslim convert in US facing prejudices for wearing hijab
A Hispanic woman, who became a Muslim seven years ago, has said that she faced discrimination from neighbours in Harlem, New York, because she was wearing a hijab. ANI

Pak Army claims 80 per cent of Mohmand Agency cleared of militants
The Pakistan Army has claimed that a major part of the Mohmand Agency has been cleared of militants, and that the military operation being conducted in the region would be completed in a few days. ANI

Pakistan fully supports revival of Eurasian corridor: Zardari
Pakistan sees great potential in the Eurasian corridor and fully supports its revival, President Asif Ali Zardari has said. ANI

Condoleezza Rice slams Dick Cheney's attack on her 'integrity'
Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said that she does not appreciate the attack on her integrity by former Vice President Dick Cheney in his forthcoming book. ANI

Facebook to launch online music service?
Facebook is reportedly planning to launch an online music service of its own at its F8 Developer Conference, which will be held in San Francisco on September 22. ANI

Mexican cop 'filmed having sex on bonnet in broad daylight while on duty'!
A uniformed Mexican police officer has been filmed indulging in sex on the bonnet of a car. ANI

Phone sex among Brits on a high!
A new study has suggested that millions of British are using their smartphones to enjoy the world of sex. ANI

9/11 children's 'terror acts' colouring book sparks outrage among US Muslims
A children's colouring book about the events of September 11, 2001 terror attack has provoked outrage among Muslims in America. ANI

Pakistan wants good relations with US on mutual respect, equality basis: Gilani
Pakistan wants good relations with the United States on the basis of mutual respect and equality, Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said. ANI

Nature park in China offers free entry, prizes to virgins
A nature park in China is offering virgin females aged 22 or older free admission and prizes. ANI

Kosovo man says he shot US airmen after watching soldiers raping Muslim girl in film
A Kosovo man, who admitted shooting dead two US airmen at Germany's Frankfurt Airport, has said that he carried out the attack after watching a video showing US servicemen raping a Muslim girl in Iraq, and thinking that they would do the same in Afghanistan. ANI

Balochistan Shiite Council demands Quetta be handed over to Pak Army
The Balochistan Shiite Council (BSC) has demanded that Quetta, the provincial capital, be handed over to the Pakistan Army to maintain law and order there. ANI

US logger 'chops off toes with pocketknife to free foot from six-ton trailer'
A veteran US logger was forced to cut off his toes to survive after getting stuck in the remote woods of Colorado. ANI

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley unveils Burberry's new fragrance 'Body'
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has unveiled Burberry's new fragrance 'Body'. ANI

Indian workers amongst worst when it comes to taking sick leaves
A survey has found that India is the second worst country where taking sick leaves are concerned. ANI

George, Barbara Bush to skip granddaughter Lauren's wedding to David Lauren
Former US President George H W Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush have announced that they won't be able to attend their granddaughter Lauren's wedding to David Lauren on September 4. ANI

Conservative ex-Fox host Beck says term 'colored' is 'not a bad thing'
A conservative radio host, Glenn Beck, has questioned the use of "African-American" on his Tuesday show, arguing "colored" or "black" is more appropriate. ANI

Russia recognises National Transitional Council as Libya's ruling authority
Russia has recognised the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya as the ruling authority of the country. ANI

China says upgrade of armed forces will not alter its 'defensive' military policy
China's Ministry of National Defense has said the modernization of country's armed forces will not alter the nation's defensive policy, and that the country's naval strategy will remain based on offshore defense. ANI

Guardian denies Wikileak's allegations of disclosing Cablegate passwords
British newspaper Guardian has denied allegations that its journalist negligently disclosed top secret WikiLeaks' decryption passwords to hundreds of thousands of unredacted US diplomatic cables. ANI

PM Bhattarai praised for choosing Nepal-made Mustang as official vehicle
Nepal's Prime Minister Baburam Baburam Bhattarai has chosen an unglamorous official vehicle assembled in Nepal to ferry him around. ANI

Queen's guard at Windsor Castle nabbed for raping minor girl
A member of the Queen's guard at Windsor Castle has been arrested and charged, alongside his wife, with raping a pre-teenage girl. ANI

Ex- UK chancellor Darling to expose 'brutal and volcanic' Brown in explosive memoir
Former British chancellor Alistair Darling is set to lift the lid on Labour tensions in memoirs to be published next week, including a complete breakdown in trust between him and former prime minister Gordon Brown, a longstanding friend and political ally. ANI

Pakistani fertilizer being smuggled into Afghanistan for making homemade bombs: Report
A company in Pakistan produces huge quantities of calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer, which is the main ingredient in most of the homemade bombs that have killed hundreds of American troops in Afghanistan. ANI

Chinese martial art schools going bust over gloomy employment prospects
Martial art schools are reported to be facing declining business in China's Anhui and Henan province. ANI

World's highest 'Ferris wheel' atop 1,480ft tower opens in China
The world's 'highest' Ferris wheel' is set to open for business today on top of the 1,480- foot Guangzhou TV tower in China. ANI

UK defence cuts: Gurkhas to take major hit
The Gurkhas are expected to be hit the hardest by a British defence ministry move to usher across the board cuts by 2015. ANI

China's Foreign Ministry to now hold press conferences daily from Monday to Friday
China's Foreign Ministry will now hold press conferences daily from Monday to Friday every week. ANI

New Lanka 'anti-terror' law allows holding of terror suspects without charge
The Sri Lankan government has lifted strict wartime emergency laws, but has introduced new legislation that allows it to continue holding terror suspects without charge. ANI

Sarkozy denies receiving 'illegal campaign cash' from L'Oreal heiress
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has denied report that he personally received cash from the L'Oreal cosmetics heiress Liliane Bettencourt for his election campaign five years ago. ANI

Al-Qaeda "on steady slide" since death of second-in-command al-Rahman: John Brennan
Al-Qaeda is "on a steady slide" following the death of the terrorist organisation's second-in-command, Atiyah abd al-Rahman, in Pakistan, White House counterterrorism chief John Brennan has said. ANI

Chinese refitted aircraft carrier succeeds in maiden sea trial
China has successfully conducted a maiden sea trial of its refitted aircraft carrier. ANI

US contracts Taliban's 'second biggest' source of funds: Report
US contracts have been the Taliban's biggest source of funds except for the opium harvest, a report issued by the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan has said. ANI

GOP rivals won't pull ahead of Obama in spite of his poor approval ratings
President Barack Obama's approval ratings maybe very low, but according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, none of his GOP rivals will pull ahead of him in 2012. ANI

Pak Punjab Governor dissatisfied with probe into Shahbaz Taseer abduction case
Sardar Latif Khosa, the Governor of Pakistan's Punjab province, has expressed his dissatisfaction with investigations into the Shahbaz Taseer abduction case. ANI

Zardari renews Pak's pledge on closer counterterrorism cooperation with China
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has renewed his pledge to fight terrorism and extremism while vowing closer cooperation with China in counterterrorism efforts. ANI

On retiring from US Army, Gen. Petraeus warns against military cuts
General David Petraeus, who retired from the US Army yesterday and will be the nation's next director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has warned against cutting the military's budget too deeply in the years ahead. ANI

Highest- paid US bosses 'earned more than their firm's taxes' in 2010: Study
A new study has shown that the 25 highest- paid United States chief executives earned more than their companies paid in federal income taxes in 2010. ANI

China changes criminal law to allow cops to secretly detain crime suspects
Legal experts have expressed mixed views to a clause in China's Criminal Procedure Law that allows police to conduct secret investigations and detain national security crime suspects. ANI

Gaddafi's son Saif vows to continue resistance, retake Tripoli from rebels
Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam has vowed that they will continue the war, and will soon re-take control over Tripoli. ANI

Syrian's attorney general resigns over 'mass killing' of protestors
Adnan Muhammad al-Bakkour, the attorney general of Syria has resigned over the brutal executions and torture of protesters by President Bashar al-Assad' regime. ANI

Famous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly's remains found
A DNA sample taken from Melbourne school teacher Leigh Olver, Ned's sister Ellen's great grandson, has led to the discovery of the remains of the famous outlaw. ANI

Formation of new provinces won't weaken Pakistan: Gilani
Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani said that formation of new provinces will not weaken the country. ANI

With 75% acquittal rate, Pak "almost incapable" of prosecuting terror suspects: US report
Pakistan's legal system is almost incapable of prosecuting suspected terrorists, according to a US State Department report. ANI

Pakistan fails to get ICA stay against India's Kishanganga project construction
Pakistan has failed to get stay from the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) against India's construction of the Kishanganga Hydroelectric Power Project (KHEP). ANI

Brit sex education teacher who worked as 'secret' stripper can carry on teaching
A secondary school sex education teacher in the UK who led a double life as a p*rn star and a stripper has been allowed to teach in the classroom. ANI

PREVENT Study Indicates Potential for Reduced Risk of Adverse Clinical Outcomes with Enhanced BIOTRONIK Pacemaker Algorithm
BIOTRONIK, a leading manufacturer of implantable cardiac devices and pioneer of wireless remote monitoring technologies, today announced the print publication of “Reduction of Right Ventricular Pacing with Advanced Atrioventricular Search Hysteresis: Results of the PREVENT Study”, by Christof Kolb, M.D Business Wire India

Panasonic, IOC and OBS Announce Worldwide Partnership for the First Live 3D Olympic Games for London 2012
Panasonic Corporation (NYSE:PC)(TOKYO:6752)("Panasonic"), the Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) announced their partnership agreement to make the London 2012 Olympic Games the first ever live 3D Olympic Games. Business Wire India

International Peat Society: Global Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management Launched
The International Peat Society has launched a Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management, which for the first time defines objectives and actions for the conservation, management and rehabilitation of mires and peatlands globally, based on the principles of Wise Use. Business Wire India

AGCO Announces Regional Leadership Changes
AGCO, Your Agriculture Company (NYSE: AGCO), a Fortune 500 company and worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, today announced new regional leadership responsibilities in the Europe, Africa and Middle East (EAME), Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) and Eastern Europe & Asia (EEA) regions Business Wire India

ING Belgium Secures eBanking for Nearly One Million Customers with Gemalto’s Ezio End-to-End Authentication Solution
Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, announces that ING Belgium is deploying its Ezio suite of end-to-end strong authentication solutions to deliver increased security to circa one million online banking customers Business Wire India

Quintiles Appoints New Global Head of Phase I Division
Quintiles today announced that Oren Cohen, M.D., will serve as Senior Vice President and Global Head of its Phase I Clinical Research division, which includes world-class facilities in Overland Park, Kansas (U.S.), London (U.K.) and Hyderabad (India) Business Wire India

Upsolar Spotlights Quality Through Extended Product Warranty
Upsolar, a leading international provider of solar PV modules, today announced an expansion to its standard solar module warranty. Now effective for all Upsolar modules worldwide, the new program doubles the company’s previous coverage to protect customers from defects in materials or workmanship for 10 years. Business Wire India

Leading Ophthalmologists Become KAMRA Inlay Patients
AcuFocus (, maker of an innovative corneal inlay that may revolutionize the treatment of near vision loss (presbyopia) in patients over 40, today announced that three top ophthalmologists, who suffered from various degrees of presbyopia, have recently received the KAMRA™ inlay with great results. Business Wire India

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