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School bans cheerleaders' 'feel for lumps, save your bumps' breast cancer T's

October 15, 2011 - New York

An Arizona high school has banned its cheerleaders from wearing Breast cancer awareness t-shirts, which had a slogan on them that read 'Feel for lumps, save your bumps'.

The cheer squad, which was just trying to offer medical advice, is unhappy about the decision.

"We're not saying anything a doctor wouldn't say," the New York Daily quoted a student as telling the Arizona Republic.

The Principal justified the decision by claiming that the officials were not against the awareness campaign, but it was the slogan that made them blush and think that it was not appropriate for school children.

"In no way is the school administration against Breast cancer Awareness Month or initiatives students might take in support of it. We just want to make sure we're in the bounds of appropriate boundaries of a school setting," the school principal told the paper.

The students of the school are however angry and think that the t-shirts are totally "age appropriate."

"We thought the shirt was age-appropriate. I think it's hypocritical they would approve a fund-raiser for breast-cancer research but they won't approve a shirt to bring awareness to Breast cancer," the student added.


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