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Scales of justice go missing from Brisbane Supreme Court

June 8, 2011 - Brisbane

Queensland's justice system is suffering from a "perceived bias" after the scales of justice went missing from a statue of Lady Justice - a woman armed with a sword and scales outside the Supreme court on George Street.

According to the Courier Mail, spokesmen for Queensland Justice and the Attorney General said the scales of justice had been taken away for cleaning and would be returned soon.

One source told The Courier-Mail that the scales were not only dirty, but bent, and need reshaping.

Lady Justice has her origins in Roman-Greek mythology. She is thought to be a combination of Justitia and Themis. Justitia, according to Roman mythology, was a virgin repulsed by the sins of humanity who became the constellation Virgo. Themis, according to early Greek mythology, was one of the Titans and symbolised the imposition of order.

The scales of justice she holds symbolise fairness and balance in judgments.


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