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Sarkozy orders round of drinks on himself and leaves without paying!

October 15, 2011 - London

French president Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly bought some drinks for his friends in a rural bar and left without paying.

In an attempt to act like a 'man of the people', the French President bought a few drinks for his friends at a bar in Villetelle, a small village in the country's central Creuse region, but it turned out to be very embarrassing after he left without paying.

Sarkozy, 56, went up to the main bar to order, saying 'It's my round!' and ordered six coffees, totalling 6 euros and 60 cents, the equivalent of just under 6 pounds.

He said that there was nothing better than enjoying a drink with his friends, and also boasted that he made it easier for rural cafes by reducing their VAT, and then left without paying.

"It just shows Mr Sarkozy is the complete opposite of a man of the people," the Daily Mail quoted a local resident as saying.

"He's got an election to win, and wants to pretend to be one of the boys, but clearly only goes for a drink with his mates when the cameras are on him," he added.


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