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Russians want alternative to Medvedev, Putin: Report

March 29, 2011 - London

A Centre for Strategic Research report has claimed that a majority of Russians want an alternative to President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The report said that an unfair 2012 presidential election win by either Putin or Medvedev might lead to a crisis similar to one that brought down the USSR in 1990.

"People have not only stopped fearing a 'third person', but are beginning to wish for his emergence," The Telegraph quoted the report, based on the group's own polling and focus group work, as saying.

"The most important change in the political consciousness of Russians over the last eight months consists not just of a fall of trust in the tandem and its participants, but also a growth in demand for a 'third' person," it added.

The past year has seen an onset of a "political crisis" in Russia as ratings of Medvedev, Putin, and the ruling party, United Russia, fell by 12, 21, and 18 percent, respectively, it said.

The report was published on the heels of another report last week by a Moscow-based nonprofit think tank INSOR, which backed Medvedev and laid out a strategy for his second term as president.


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