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Romney attacked from all sides as he wades into White House race

June 11, 2011 - Washington

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who recently made official his long-expected bid for the Republican presidential nomination, has been facing criticism from all sides.

Conservatives have criticized his past stance on Global warming and the health care program he helped establish in his state.

Not only this, Democrats are accusing him of being a flip-flopper on social issues like gay marriage and abortion right.

Also, some in his native Michigan are calling him an enemy of the auto industry for his opposition to a multibillion-dollar federal bailout for General Motors and Chrysler, Fox News reports.

The Romney campaign however says it's not worried about the big target on its back.

"Governor Romney is focused on talking to voters and discussing why he's the best candidate to create jobs and turn around the economy," said Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams in response to these political attacks.

Williams rejected the notion that the timing of Romney's presidential announcement was based on avoiding the early attacks that frontrunners typically endure.

"Governor Romney decided to announce his campaign when he felt it was the right time," he said.


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