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Republicans in state of turmoil over selection of presidential candidate

December 21, 2011 - New York

It isn't going to be an easy task for the Republican candidates for the Presidential elections to impress their fellow Republicans this time around. At least the two polls that were released on Tuesday suggest so.

The results of the polls have once again highlighted the paucity of commitment among various Republicans just two weeks before Iowans practice their right to vote, reports The New York Times.

Around four in 10 Republicans are discontented with the Republican candidates, according to an ABC News/ Washington Post poll. Interestingly, eight out of those 10 Republican voters who are backing a candidate in a CBS poll have admitted that they can still change their mind.

Around thirty-seven percent of Republicans and Republican-influenced voters are not very happy with the choice of Republican candidates while only 59 percent were contended with the choices, according to an ABC News/Post Poll.

When we compare this with the ABC News/Post Poll, which transpired in November 2007, at that time only 28 percent were dissatisfied and 69 percent were happy.

Newt Gingrich and Mr Romney have been tied for the lead according to these polls whereas Ron Paul has taken the third position in these polls. Gingrich seems to have an advantage when it comes to the conservative Republicans, which constitutes a major chunk.

According to ABC/Post poll, another strong point of Gingrich is his reputation within the Republics that he is more experienced and better equipped to be the commander in chief. But Romney is seen as a candidate more competent and a better choice to win the general election due to his honest and trustworthy image, a trait that Gingrich doesn't possess.

It is going to be an intense battle between these two since the Republicans seemed narrowly divided between both of them when it comes to picking up the person who represents the true values of a Republican.


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