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Relatives of Frenchmen killed in Pakistan bombings to sue judge

June 16, 2011 - PARIS

Relatives of Frenchmen killed in a 2002 bombing in Pakistan are suing Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere for wrongly calling it a suicide attack.

According to the lawyer Olivier Morice, the aggrieved have lodged a complaint against the judge alleging that he had ignored an autopsy on the suspected bomber. They also cast doubts on claims that the suspect drove a vehicle packed with explosives.

"All these years, real disinformation has been orchestrated in order to make people believe that this attack was carried out as a suicide bombing," The News quoted him, as saying.

The ongoing probe, now under the supervision of a different judge, centres on allegations that the attack was a revenge for the cancellation of kickbacks promised to officials involved in the sale of French submarines to Pakistan.

The bombing in Karachi in 2002 had killed 11 engineers and at least three Pakistanis employed in French state company that built submarines.


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