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Prince Harry shops at US cut-price store Walmart

October 27, 2011 - Washington

Prince Harry has been living the life of a commoner while in the United States, and doing his own shopping at a nearby budget store 'Walmart'.

He loads his cart with Coke, pizza, bananas and beer, a witness told Us Weekly.

He has even been seen replacing state dinners with 6-dollar breakfasts, and postpub "street snacks".

In the early hours of Oct. 16, while bar hopping on a break from his helicopter training in El Centro, Calif., Prince Harry ate tacos from a food stand outside a bar in nearby Del Mar.

Later that morning, he ate bacon and eggs at Pipes Cafe in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. The tab totalled a mere 6.45 dollars.

"He stood in line like everyone else," a source told the paper.


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