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Prince Harry kept his Arctic trek 'secret' from the Queen

August 14, 2011 - London

Prince Harry has revealed that he did not inform the Queen of his daring trip to the Arctic, in which he battled sub-zero temperatures, in a new documentary, 'Harry's Arctic Heroes'.

But the 26-year-old said his father and his brother William knew about the trip.

He also suggested many of his advisers would have warned against the journey, in a region, which has since seen a British student killed by a polar bear.

The third in line to the throne joined with a group of injured soldiers, who were completing one of man's greatest challenges: a 12-day trek across the North Pole.

Although the Prince did not join them for the full 160-mile journey, he spent 10 days with them - including three days on the ice - sharing the very real dangers.

"My father obviously knew I was coming out here and so did my brother," The Mirror quoted the Prince as saying in the documentary.

"But I kind of kept it quiet - I don't know why it happened - so my grandparents and the rest of my family probably just found out about it and they probably think I'm completely mad. It's probably right," he stated.

In the programme, Harry said the Prince of Wales was uneasy about his participation in the walk, during which he braved temperatures of minus 45C.

"My father was very nervous because of the lack of training that I've done and quite rightly so, he's got a lot of friends who have done this, he's got professional opinions that no doubt would have advised him saying 'do not let your son go'," he added.

The documentary will be aired on August 23 on BBC One.


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