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Parents furious after UK school bans them from sports day over safety row

June 9, 2011 - London

For the first time in its 130-year history, a school in Britain plans to ban parents from attending its sports day, amid concerns around its pupils being around strangers.

Many parents have been left furious at the decision of the Upwell Community Primary School in Norfolk and say they may keep their children away from school on that day in protest.

The row stems from a small group of parents who boycotted a children's art event at the school that members of the public could also attend, reports the Daily Mail.

A number of parents did not send their children to school on that day and headteacher James McBurney is concerned the same thing would happen on its sports day.

"It is with the greatest and sincerest regret that all staff have decided, in light of recent events, that sports day is likely to take place without parents being invited,' he wrote in a school newsletter.

One angry mum said if the sports day ban went ahead many would keep their kids off school in protest. She fumed: "This is going to upset parents even more."


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