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Palin, Trump, other 2012ers take aim at Obama's Libya speech

March 29, 2011 - New York

Republican presidential hopefuls wasted no time in lambasting President Barack Obama's national address on Libya Monday night.

Taking to the airwaves, they accused him of failing to exercise American leadership or articulate a clear mission and end-game in the north African country.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said that she was "profoundly disappointed" in the "dodgy and dubious" speech.

John Bolton called it "pathetic."

Rudy Giuliani said it only make things "murkier."

Donald Trump gave Obama credit for "trying hard" - before claiming the president is "a little bit afraid of Congress, frankly."

According to Politico, taken together, the comments by them and other potential Obama opponents were just the latest example of what's been almost lockstep and fierce opposition to the president's Libya strategy.

Republicans said Obama did not articulate really what America's purpose in attacking Libya was.


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