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Pak SC accepts Haqqani's plea in Memo Gate case

December 14, 2011 - Islamabad

Pakistan's Supreme court (SC) has accepted the country's former Ambassador to United States Hussain Haqqani's plea in the Memo Gate case, rejecting objections from the Registrar Office.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who presided over the hearing, said that his plea should be heard, The Express Tribune reports.

On Saturday, Haqqani had filed an appeal to challenge the registrar's decision of rejecting his application against the apex court's December 1 order.

The application was returned to Haqqani's counsel Jahangir after the Supreme court's registrar had said that a review petition should have been filed instead.

Reports have suggested that Haqqani's plea will be heard along with the Memo Gate scandal.

Earlier, Haqqani had filed an application, challenging the court's authority of ordering a probe that had said that the Supreme court had passed an illegal order for it did not hear Haqqani's side of the story.

The court regrettably identified the offence of high treason under Article six of the Constitution without hearing Haqqani, it said.

The rejected application had stated that the court has curtailed Haqqani's movement and has also initiated a high-level investigation against him.

"An impression has been created through the order that Haqqani was guilty of high treason," the application said.

A Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz had earlier claimed that Haqqani had used him as a mediator to hand over a memo to former Chairman of US Chief of Joint Staffs Admiral Mike Mullen, seeking help following the May 2 operation that killed Osama bin Laden over the interference of the military in the country.


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