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Oz bar described as 'insidious' for featuring topless waitresses

June 16, 2011 - Sydney

A nightclub in Australia, which employs topless waitresses, has been described as "insidious" by tourism groups because it is not in sync with the hotspot's family-friendly image.

The Flamingo Bar at Rolling Rock nightclub located in Noosa's upmarket Hastings Street has been employing topless waitresses for the past three weeks in a bid to boost business.

But Tourism Noosa, which markets the region as a family-friendly destination, did not support the move, with Chief executive Steve Cooper saying topless entertainment did not fit with the region's values.

"We applaud entrepreneurial behaviour but we would expect that it really aligns itself with the shared values of our market," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted him as saying.

"And in this instance, both personally and professionally, I don't think we are seeing that alignment.

"There are opportunities to enjoy that type of experience in any major regional or capital centre around Australia," he stated.

Cooper said he was concerned the move could be a catalyst for more adult entertainment in the region.

"The opportunity that this may grow would be certainly something that I would be looking at and I'm sure the community will be keeping a watching brief over," he said.

"Particularly any anti-social behaviour that may emanate from it," he added.

But Mark Schmitt, the bar's owner, said he had never intended to attract publicity and was only trying to encourage regular clientele to return on Tuesday nights.

"We were going to close on Tuesday nights because we weren't getting enough customers. I thought we'd try something different to bring customers in," he said.

"It was really a last resort because we were losing money on Tuesdays.

"There's nobody around at that time of night so I don't understand what the big deal is.

"I walk on the beach with my daughter and there's a bunch of girls walking topless in front of all these kids. At least this is secluded and private and nobody under 18 can get in," he added.


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